Friday, October 18, 2019

Maintenance Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Maintenance - Assignment Example The use of relief valves was the original method of regulating compressors in order to have the excess air released into the environment. A servo valve that is controlled by a regulator can be used and this allows for an easier control of the pressure variations in the compressors. The Compressors that are below 5–10 kW are often controlled by completely stopping the electric motor when the pressure reaches an upper limit value and by restarting it when the pressure drops below the lower limit value. A combustion engine, gas turbine or frequency controlled electric motor controls the compressor’s speed and, consequently, the flow rate. This is an efficient method that s necessary for maintaining a steady outgoing pressure and lower energy consumption. The flow rate of screw compressors can be regulated by moving the position of the discharge port into the housing, in the rotors’ lengthways direction, towards the inlet. This method is however capable of generating high power consumption. The piston compressors can be regulated through mechanical forcing of the inlet valves into the open position. This results in air being pumped out and into the cylinder with minimal energy loss that is often lower than 10% of the full-load shaft power. The inlet of the compressor can be regulated by throttling the inlet of the compressor in order to determine the minimum flow and set the range for the compressor. Inlet regulation is also achieved by arranging the vanes as radial blades in the intake causing the drawn-in gas to rotate while the flow is throttled. Controlling compressors requires a regulation system that can be used either for an individual compressor or an entire compressor installation. Regulation systems are becoming more advanced and fast growing development offers a variety of new solutions. When air is required, a signal is sent to a solenoid valve that guides the compressor’s inlet valve to the fully open position. The valve is

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