Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Medical Marijuana essays

Medical Marijuana essays Marijuana is a drug that has been in the media for years. There is a constant debate about if it should be used medically. The world is afraid of what they do not know about marijuana; for years weve been told, say nope to dope. While marijuana can help for medical purposes it can also be of great danger. This is not true however, if it is used correctly. Historically, marijuana has been used to treat a multitude of illnesses such as AIDS, glaucoma, cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and chronic pain. Currently, the treatment that is promoted most is the use of marijuana for its ability to control nausea in cancer and AIDS patients. In 1986, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the drug in a pill form, which contained THC, a major component for the treatment of nausea from cancer chemotherapy. It has been determined that the pill, which is called Marinol, acts differently than marijuana that has been smoked and is not effective. Marijuana also has been found to be useful in the treatment of arthritis. Aspirin, commonly used for arthritis pain is believed to have caused more than 1000 deaths in the US annually. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which are also routinely used for arthritis treatment, have caused more than 7,600 deaths and 70,000 hospitalizations. Even with the numerous deaths these drugs are still used to treat patients everyday. Marijuana, however, can be smoked several times a day without harming the body as Aspirin would. Also, there are no reports of death from the use of marijuana. Still there are long-term effects from marijuana that can put many people at risk. For example, smoking marijuana is even more damaging to the lungs than tobacco smoking is. Marijuana smoke as 50-70 percent more carcinogens than tobacco smoke does. Marijuana smokers can be found to have more microscopic damage to the lungs defense against inhaled contaminants and microbes, an ...

Sunday, March 1, 2020

How truckers can protect their mental health

How truckers can protect their mental health Attention all truckers: Of course you want to do your job well, which includes getting every haul to it’s intended destination on schedule, but do you know that taking good care of yourself, both mentally and physically, is a key component of being able to do your best possible work? It’s true- truckers often work long, grueling hours in cramped and isolated conditions, which can take its toll on their general well-being over time. When this happens, drivers aren’t doing themselves any favors or setting themselves up for long-term success on the job, which may be why burnout is a common problem among truckers.Smart Trucking recently published an article that features practical tips for truckers to maintain good mental health, so that they can perform all aspects of their jobs effectively while avoiding mental health issues and burnout. If you’re a trucker, and plan on being one for the long haul, consider taking advantage of the following tips for maintain ing good mental health.Consider a travel companionIf feasible and allowed, consider a co-pilot whenever you can, to help beat the road isolation that’s common for most truck drivers. A spouse, significant other, or even a pet in the passenger seat can help keep your spirits up when you’re making a long haul.Maintain a strong networkMake sure you’re taking care of your connections with friends and family while you’re on the road. These days it’s easier than ever to stay in contact with loved ones, so make sure you do so, which will help you stay grounded and feel supported through the seemingly endless miles on the road.Maintain a routineMost folks are creatures of routine and usually benefit from having one. A positive daily routine can give your life structure and also help you get things done. Although you spend most of your day behind the wheel, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a routine to stick to, from the moment you wake up unt il you go to bed.Exercise when possibleExercise does not just help keep you in good physical shape; it’s also great for maintaining a positive mental state. Try adding in some physical activity whenever possible to keep your mental health razor sharp.Maintain a good dietJust like exercise, a good diet is more than just good for your body- it’s good for your mental state. Although it can be tough to make healthy eating choices when on the road, do your best to try and you’ll be sure to see the benefits in your energy level, mood, and overall well-being.Bring some comforts from homeAlthough your truck cab may be small, that doesn’t mean you can’t make room for some comforting reminders of home. Some photos, knick-knacks, and small decorations can help keep you feeling positive and comforted when you’re driving.Keep your mind activeKeep your brain active and occupied while driving by listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks. You can put that dr iving time to good use by expanding your knowledge and horizons.Make good grooming a priorityWhen we take care of ourselves and take the time to look our best, we feel better and our overall mood and outlook improves. Make the time to make good grooming a priority, and you’ll be glad you did.Make the most of your downtimeSure, truckers typically work long hours and have very little downtime. That said, when you do find yourself with some precious moments outside of your truck’s cab, make the most of it. Whenever feasible, get out from behind the steering wheel and enjoy your life.Sure, being a truck driver is hard work, but it doesn’t have to burn you out mentally and physically. Use the tips provided here to maintain a positive mental state when you’re driving, and hopefully you’ll sit happily behind the wheel for a successful career!