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Hollywood’s Negative Impact on Americans’ Body Image

The problem with this is that it is negatively effecting people and their views Of their self-worth. The negativity that Hollywood is pushing on body image greatly affects women in their teens as well as older women. The pressure to look just as beautiful as Hollywood stars is greatly detrimental to mental and physical health. For example there are disorders that are directly involved in the damage to the human body such as anorexia and bulimia. Both of which are disorders that are directly related to the way one sees oneself.In an age where image is everything, natural beauty is a thing that is narrowly promoted. This frame of mind is damaging and is changing the way people perceive beauty. Beauty is no longer modeled after natural body images, but is modeled after tan and toned supermodels with perfect hair and perfect skin. The reality is that not everybody fits this type of beauty. There is not only one form of beauty. Hollywood is guilty for its stars to have an army of makeup a rtists, hairstylists, wardrobe stylists and personal assistants that insure the star look as perfect as possible at all times.This gives the general public false ideals of what beauty is. Not everybody has an army of people around them constantly to ensure they always look perfect. This is one of the key factors that leads young people into believing a false definition of beauty. The front page of nearly every magazine contains the edited pictures of stars that hardly looks like their true selves. Again, overly traumatizing what the idea of beauty is. Instead of promoting these same liberties in a more natural way, they are depicted as a form of perfection that is highly unrealistic.This in turn promoting perfection instead of individual beauty. This is a continuous problem for America's societies because it forges unrealistic expectations of what people should look like. These expectations also push people into drastic measures. People have been resulting to extreme dieting to look skinnier or paying to have plastic surgery done. This problem also creates other problems such as stereotypes and not socially excepting people just because they are not attractive.

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Curriculum Vitae Personal: Name: Thomas O Hare Date of birth: 6/7/1991 Address: 26 Church field close Mobile: 0861785352 Skerries Home: 01-8491993 Co. Dublin [email  protected] com Education: Third Level: Dublin Institute of Technology, College of Business, Aungier Street, Dublin 2 2010-2014 B. Sc. n Retail and Services Management Core Subjects: Management Information Technology Economics Accounting Marketing Services Retail Management Corporate Finance Logistics Electives: Marketing Communication’s and Geographic Information Systems (year 3) Second Level: Skerries Community College, Skerries, Co.Dublin 2004-2010 Leaving certificate: Maths (P) B3 Irish (P) B2 English (H) C2 French (P) B2 Home Economics (H) C2 Business (H) B3 History (H) B2 Work Experience: August 2010- Present (seasonal work) Aiken Promotions – Stage worker Duties: As a stage worker with Aiken promotions I was heavily involved with the setting up of and the taking down of the concert stage.This involv es wearing safety equipment while working. Most of the work involved a lot of heavy lifting and long hours. We have to report to our manager in the morning to sign in and also sign out at the end of the day. June 2010- September 2010: Customer Service Attendant – Dundrum Town Centre Duties: I worked as a customer service attendant in the car park in Dundrum Town Centre. My duties were to serve customers to the best of my ability. This sometimes involved showing customers around the shopping centre as a lot of people got lost.My main duties were helping customers out in the car park, replacing tickets at the entrances and exits of the car park and being on hand to report any incidents of anti-social behaviour while also doing my utmost to keep the car park clean. On busy days I had to coordinate traffic coming in and out of the town centre. March 2008- June 2008: Child minder – Skerries Creche Duties: My main duties included looking after and ensuring the welfare of chi ldren aged between one and eight years old.I had to organise games and small events for the children. Skills: Computer Literacy: Highly competent in the following packages Microsoft Word Microsoft PowerPoint Internet Microsoft Excel SPSS Email Language: I have a decent understanding of the Irish and French languages as I studied both of them up until I left secondary school.Hobbies and interests: I have a keen interest in rugby and GAA and have won numerous medals most notably a Leinster League division 1A medal and an all-Ireland Round Robin winning medal with Skerries RFC in 2012. I have also won a minor championship medal with Skerries Harps in 2009. I currently play for Skerries RFC Seniors who compete in division 2b of the Ulster Bank All Ireland League. I also enjoy when I have the time to play rugby for my college DIT. I enjoy cooking and learning about all types of food in general in my spare time as I had affection for it when I studied Home Economics in secondary school.I also try to keep up with current affairs as to not fall to far behind with today’s society. I have huge enthusiasm for music and live gigs, in particular electronica and dance music. I have been too many festivals around Ireland and intend to travel to many more around the world. Referees: Mr Kevin O Riordan [email  protected] ie Principal Skerries Community College Mr Bill Dwan Bill. [email  protected] ie Tutor/Geographic information systems lecturer DIT Aungier Street

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The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock.(T.S.Eliot) Essay

The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock.(T.S.Eliot) - Essay Example Through an irregular rhyme scheme, Eliot presents emotional focus and certain sets of descriptions. â€Å"Lingered upon the pools that stand in drains, Let fall upon its back the soot that falls from chimneys, Slipped by the terrace, made a sudden leap†. Eliot tells the troubles of Alfred Prufrock through the city life to the ocean images that represent the way he moves from a normal life surrounded by people, to distance himself from humanity. Alfred sees himself as a second-rate individual after emotionally distancing himself from life and other human beings. He is absorbed in an inferiority complex and isolates himself from life. In addition, he is concerned with ageing in Eliot’s assertion, â€Å"With a bald spot in the middle of my hair — (They will say: â€Å"How his hair is growing thin!†)†. The transitions in the poem are mostly emotional rather than reasonable, as evidenced by the irregular reflections of the narrator. Even so, his enable Eliot to present the frustrations of a middle-aged man who cannot voice opinions, and eventually does not say anything. At times, it is hard to determine whether Prufrock is on his way to act, or whether it is visions running through his mind. This is evident in the line, â€Å"pair of ragged claws / Scuttling across the floors of silent seas†; the yellow fog that â€Å"rubs its back upon the window panes†; the evening â€Å"spread out against the sky / Like a patient etherized upon a table.† The stylistic devices and symbolism does not help much in his quest to express himself. His environment does not look friendly at all. Eliot tries to say that there cannot be a meaningful existence in the modern world full of characters who are careless about their surroundings or are too afraid to raise their opinions on matters that affect the society. The poem represents the disappointment and disheartened desires

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Should Students Can Bring Guns to Campus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Should Students Can Bring Guns to Campus - Essay Example According to Obama, â€Å"the Second Amendment protects the right of individuals to bear arms, but he also identify with the need for crime-ravaged communities to save their children from the violence that plagues our streets through common-sense, effective safety measures† (O’connor). Even Obama is not clear in his views about the prohibition of guns in school campuses. It should be noted that America is a country in which human rights are valued very much. Any attempts made by the government to restrict guns in schools may bring lot of criticism with respect to human right violation. That is why Obama like politicians are taking cautious approaches while dealing with school violence incidents. According to Sen. John McCain â€Å"residents across America should be able to exercise their constitutional right to have access to firearms to protect themselves"(Marimmow). In short, the Second Amendment in the constitution seems to be working against the interests of gun co ntrol advocates. Judiciary seems to be against the idea of strengthening of gun control laws. â€Å"After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that cities and states must respect the right of individuals to own handguns for self-defense, Mayor Richard M. Daley declared the justices to be divorced from reality" (Chapman). Along with politicians, Judiciary also supports the idea of self-defense and the rights of people in carrying guns. Carrying of gun or any other dangerous weapons is disallowed in schools in many countries. In all such countries, school violence incidents are less. Even though politicians, judiciary and scholars talk too much about the individual rights in having guns, they talk less about the... This essay stresses that human life is the most valuable thing in this world. Even though science and technology advanced a lot in recent past, still it is unable to create an artificial life. In other words, once taken, nobody can return a life back. Under such circumstances, it is the duty of the government and authorities to give enough security to human life. While Bill of Rights or Second Amendments allow children to carry guns on the grounds of self-defense, none of these constitutional laws guarantee the protection of innocent lives. The life of innocent people is more important than the life of the attacker or the culprit. Innocent people or less aggressive children will not carry guns to school under normal circumstances. It is illogical to force all students to carry guns to schools. Schools are institutions which are intended for learning, not for violence. This paper makes a concluison that combined effort, of school authorities, parents, government and other social service agencies are required to reduce school violence incidents in America. The author talks that strengthening of existing gun control laws is one of the major solutions for this problem. Even though gun control laws are there, the authorities are not much sincere in implementing it. The Second Amendments in constitution which allows people to carry guns should be modified. This constitutional protection should be given only to adults and matured people. Under no circumstances, children should be allowed to carry guns to schools.

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Eating Disorders Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Eating Disorders - Research Paper Example However, the same study done in 2008 showed that eating disorders had become an affair for all: men and women, the rich and the poor, blacks and whites. This paper explores the various aspects of the globalization of eating disorders, factors favoring the globalization and whether at all there is a possibility of managing this trend. Eating disorders have existed for a long time in history, earlier than the 19th Century where people engaged in self-starvation (Bruch 89). However, as time goes by, the rate of the prevalence of the disorders has risen and varied in various demographics. Bruch in his article ‘The Golden Cage’ explains Anorexia Nervosa as disorder for teenage girls mostly from financially stable families. This notion has been disagreed upon as research by the American Psychiatry Association has shown that males, middle-aged and aging people, African-Americans and low-class population have reported cases of eating disorders. Contrary to the earlier notion, eating disorders are an emerging problem for the entire female fraternity in the world. In the African society, for instance, the ideal woman traditionally was voluptuous and fat. Thin women were seen as a sign of poverty, sickness or even death. As Frank Osodi points out in the ‘’Golden Cage’, African girls have hips, bums and are fleshy. For years, this was sustained as the optimal standard of measuring beauty among women in Africa. Conversely, in United States, thinness was associated with social status and as an evidence of moral virtue (Raisanen and Hunt 57). Fatness is associated with low status, laziness and gluttony. This contemporary definition of beauty has spread across the globe changing even the Africans beliefs on beauty. African women have become keener about their body shape and size. Practices such as cosmetic surgery, exercise, and strict dieting regimes have been adopted with the aim of controlling weight and becoming slender. Globally, being overweight is

A Comparison of Pericles' Speech and that of Martin Luther King Junior Essay

A Comparison of Pericles' Speech and that of Martin Luther King Junior - Essay Example It is evident from the study that the speech made by Pericles at a funeral in 431 BC is one of the greatest speeches that have ever been made in human history. During this time, long speeches were specifically meant to encourage warriors who were going to the battlefield. The speeches could also be used to encourage families left behind when their sons, husbands or fathers went to war. Among the Greeks, there were burial ceremonies where speech would be made to appreciate the deceased for his or her contributions society. Pericles’s speech was one of them. The two speeches compare closely in terms of the level of emotion they raise. Pericles started his speech in a casual manner by informing the gathering about the importance of speech, as well as how it came into existence. However, he went ahead to explain that the ceremony was established by their ancestors. Like the speech made by Martin Luther King, Pericles acknowledged the role played by ancestors in deliberation of Gre ece. â€Å"I shall begin with our ancestors †¦they dwelt in the country without break†¦Ã¢â‚¬  . This section evoked the past deeds of the previous generations that Pericles believed should be emulated by the current generation. This is very similar to what Martin Luther used in his speech. He said, â€Å"When the architects of this country†¦ they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir†¦Ã¢â‚¬ . This approach of delivering speech has proven to very effective as far as unity is concerned. Pericles was telling the gathering that their ancestors never gave up the fight to protect the country and therefore the current generation was to follow their footsteps. Similarly, Martin Luther reminded all Americans, both blacks and whites, of the fact that when ancestors were fighting for freedom, they did so as a single unit while perceiving each other as brothers. The same should apply in the current American society. Both speeches share a great deal in sentence structure. Pericles said: â€Å"And yet if with habits not of labor but of ease, and courage not of art but of nature, we are still willing to encounter danger†¦ Yet, of course, the doer of the favor is the firmer friend of the two†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Rusten 45) This sentence structure compares closely with that used in the speech â€Å"I Have a Dream.† Martin Luther said, â€Å"†¦ knowing that somehow this situation can and will change†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Echols 14). From the two speeches, it is evident that the current American society and other democracies across the world borrowed much from the Athenian ideals. They realized the importance of using the power of speech to make people take

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In countries that do not have an Islamic Legal system, disputes Research Paper

In countries that do not have an Islamic Legal system, disputes related to Islamic financial transactions can lead to outcomes t - Research Paper Example Sharia law, as a moral code and religious law for Muslims; addresses various perspectives of human activities such as economics, crimes and politics, as addressed by secular laws, and it seeks to differentiate intentions, interactions and decisions between those that are good and those that are bad (MacEoin and Green, 2). Just like the secular laws, Sharia code of ethics touch on various interactions of the human race giving the prospects and punitive aspects whenever the codes are breached, though from the secular observation of Sharia being a religious law, it has provisions that make the laws holistic in guiding and governing human interactions making it fall under and satisfy individual legal systems. Economically, just like Christian finance, Sharia economics presents the economic systems that conform to the Islamic scriptures and traditions; behavioral norms and foundations, Zakat tax as the basis of Islamic fiscal policy and other economic provisions that holistically covers t he economic and finance sector (Bonner, 397). Though close and similar to the secular and other traditional laws, in countries that there is no Islamic Legal System, disputes related to Islamic Financial Transactions can lead to outcomes that contradict Sharia Principles. Sharia principles like the secular laws have provisions that govern the Islamic Investment Funds; where investors pool their surplus money for the purpose of its investments to earn profits, Halal, but governed and in strict conformity with Sharia laws, and the subscribers receive certification entitling their pro- rated profits accrued from the fund. The Islamic banking phenomenon is based on sector of profitable for investor that represents growth for positive reputation and responsible management, and by fueling growth that is necessitated by increasing demand stimulated by rising number of Muslims in common law and civil law countries (Imady, Omar and Hans, pp.4-6). The conflict is bound to occur especially on the business ethics provided for by Sharia laws in relation to these countries’ provisions whereby the Islamic economic systems are neither socialists nor capitalist, conflicting interests of natives and the economic outlook of these countries. For instance, Sharia provides for Zakat; a practice of charitable giving by Muslims based on the accumulated wealth, and obligatory to all that are able to do so, contravenes with capitalists economies where in most cases taxation is mandatory to all irrespective of economic background and/ or social class. This would further lead to conflicts especially if certain sections of Sharia have to be incorporated in these countries’ laws such as contractual agreements and financial transactions due to different expectations from both sides and the conflict to the national interests. Capitalist societies/ economies rely on creation of value which can be tangible, for physical goods and/ or intangible for services; which involves transa ctions that mutually benefit the parties, the consumer gets the added value to the product/ service, and the retailer or the producer gets the entrepreneurial profits and royalties which may include interest on shares. To the contrary, the Sharia provisions for legal entity or a business that is Halal as a company that does not borrow money on interest and/or keeps their surplus in interest bearing accounts; and that one being a shareholder of such a company becomes a Sharik, agent for the partners in the matters of

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Compare four different authors about education Essay

Compare four different authors about education - Essay Example The disparity underscored here is the quality of education and the assistance the teachers and/or the managers of the schools offer students to make them ready to face life. The major failure of the management in the public schools is that teachers’ jobs are protected by the government such that no any teacher may be fired for underperformance, like it happens in the charter schools. The result is breeding of bad teachers in the public schools that makes students flee from these schools to charter schools. Worse still, the parents fight for their students to become enrolled in charter schools than in public schools. Ravitch proposes moderated sacking of bad teachers (the underperforming teachers) in the public schools and replacing them with good teachers in this context. Sharing the same view as Ravitch’s, Stanley Fish in â€Å"The Value of Higher Education Made Literal† critiques the modern education systems observed in various government. Fish taps into the fa ilures of the British government by commoditizing education such that the higher one bargains for the better the remuneration thereafter. Fish’s argument is that the government and the learned education moderators have collectively rewarded education with money such that currently there are different prices for different courses. Fish argues that the more costly the course one undertakes, the higher the reward – monetary pay. He says that it is not possible, today, as it were in the past, to take chances by following one’s dream profession – the nature does not provide such choices any more as it is now the ‘survival for the fittest’ mentality in action. The tougher and the more marketable course one undertakes the brighter the future, of course in terms of salary to be earned. The motivation of the students in the institutions of higher learning has thus shifted from ‘learning to become accomplished’ to ‘learning to earn h igher salaries in the future’. This will easily lead to washing away of courses that are not marketable while the marketable ones gains in this sense. Therefore, arts are more likely to lose value while sciences become high priced – the courses value is now money value attached to them. At the same time, as the students’ parents adapt to the new system and buy various courses according to their financial strength, the students do not have choice but take what is offered in the bargain. Instead of following their genuine aspirations, they adapt to the costly courses that will guarantee better returns in the future. Therefore, education is literally being sold (Midwinter 42) and the highest bidder takes it all. While the Fish believes that students are currently learning what is dictated by nature inevitably against their own will, Rebekah Nathan, in â€Å"My Year as a Freshman† underscores that the discipline in classroom has changed a big deal. Perhaps th e power to purchase a particular course or discipline changes everything. But Nathan, a professor at a university gets disturbed so much by the thought that students today lack in discipline and are difficult to teach. Nathan decides to go back to enroll as a student in a university, while hiding her real identity, to experience what students of today face. She previously coined that the students in today’s academic institutions are difficult to teach – they are volatile and rebellious –

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Animal Rights Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Animal Rights - Research Paper Example A school of debaters of animal rights claim that whether animal should have rights should be decided on which characteristics of animals have been taken into consideration. But most often some of the debaters fail to consider animals’ rights in term of human being. Obviously animals’ rights should be considered in relation to human beings’ welfare of betterment. Probably, purely ethical perspectives will never be able to reach any unanimous conclusion. Indeed, the attempt to include human being in the issue of animal rights is debated, since some people believe that inclusion of human-animal relationship into the debate on animal right violates pureness of ethicality of rights. Indeed, such a tendency fails to consider the fact that the question of animal right arises the very conflict of human interest with animals’. Therefore, any attempt to decide whether animals should have rights and (if yes) what rights animals should have needs to take human-animal relationship into consideration. Necessarily, if man-animal relationship along the previously mentioned factors is taken into consideration, debaters can reach a conclusion which might not be the unanimous, but will prove to be effective good for animals and also for humanity. Indeed any ethical decision about animal rights from a man-animal relationship perspective, in the very first place, grants animals to have rights, since lack of animals’ rights endangers not only the animals but also the human life on earth. A Brief History of Animal’s Rights Though the debates on animal right began to absorb heat during the 21 century, it has a root in the ancient philosophy. The â€Å"Book of Genesis† says that God has given Adam dominion over â€Å"the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.† (Francione, 1996, p. 45) A creed religiosity most likely vie ws such statement as the divine assertion of man’s right over animal as the possession of material property. But a more liberal view on this doctrinal assertion considers that man’s dominion over animal kingdom does not necessarily infer that man is the ruthless usurper or exploiter of animal kingdom (Francione, 1996, pp. 42-46). Rather he is the sincere guardian of animals and he must know what animals should have what rights. Furthermore, the famous philosopher, Pythagoras argues that animals should have the right to be respected because their souls are reincarnated from human souls and vice versa. Indeed, Pythagoras’s argument is mostly doctrinal; so it needs to be validated from any ethical perspective. Even Aristotle also advocated such doctrinal view about animal right; but he holds a view which is opposite to Pythagoras’. He likes to see human beings and animals on the same ‘Great Chain of Being’. Indeed, Since Aristotle’s view is also tied with a rigid ethical framework, it cannot tell much about what man should do when man’s right and animal right conflict with each other (Fellenz, 2007, pp.34-45) In modern Europe, the concept of animal right began to grow during the late 18th century. Arthur Schopenhauer (1998), who was a German philosopher, was a great supporter of this the development of the concept of animal right in England. Though he supports man’s practice of eating meat, he appreciated the idea of animal right: â€Å"awakening more and more to a sense that beasts have rights, in proportion as the strange notion is being gradually

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Social work and human services Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Social work and human services - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that child welfare is a social work component that demands genuine compassion and concern for children. In this regard, it can be regarded as a profession that requires passion and dedication to facilitate the attainment of set goals. As part of the coursework, the author acquired a deeper understanding of social work and human services and learned to apply theoretical and practical aspects of assimilating social work concepts. Social theory and practice have enabled me to develop a more holistic view of children, especially their psychology and needs. As a result, the author has an excellent grasp of children’s needs as well as how and why they can be met. Through his comprehension of social theory, the researcher has become inspired to use conceptual rationales to propagate social development by protecting perhaps the most valuable members of the society: children. Through discussions with current practitioners, the author has beco me well-versed in the practical demands of child welfare social work. For example, although he has always been relatively introverted, professionals in the field reliably informed me that the greatest satisfaction will come from getting out of his comfort zone and taking help to children. After interacting with current practitioners for a considerable period of time, the author learned and accepted that without traveling and actively seeking help for troubled, abused, or neglected children, his sphere of influence would be significantly reduced.

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The affects of football Essay Example for Free

The affects of football Essay From the early ages in history to present day, sports have had a major impact on society. Football is a very popular sport played in America and many other countries. Some may say that football is a violent sport and its not beneficial in any way, but in reality it gives a person all the basic tools needed not only for playing the game, but also how you interact with people in society. Also it is very simple to get involved in most cites and towns. Football is a great game that is both fun and instructive. Football is game played by twenty-two players on a field at once, with eleven players on the defensive and offensive side of the ball. The goal of the game is to get a leather cone shaped ball, called a football, into the opposing teams end zone. On offense you have four tries to gain ten yards and gain a first down, which mean you have another four tries to go another ten yards. The defense in return has four tries to stop the offense or they get the football. A great football team is one that works very well together, and is disciplined enough that they can win without falling apart. Football is such a great sport because it takes eleven players on each side of the ball to do their assignment to become a great team. Each player has a different job, and if every player does their job than they can accomplish their task. There is no other game like football, it is a game where you can tackle and throw your rival as hard as you can without getting in trouble. It is a violent sport but a teams violence has to be controlled. Sports in society today are often a big deal. Teens go to high school and can get very competitive in any sport. Football is one of the best sports to get involved with because it teaches so many things children and teens need to be active in society. It teaches: discipline, teamwork, interaction, self-restraint, and perseverance. It is one of the only team sports that you actually need all the players on the field to work together and knows what theyre doing to become a good team. Practice makes prefect, and to become a better player you need to be disciplined and learn from your mistakes. Football also teaches players to control their anger on and off the field, and to keep working harder. It keeps teens out of trouble and gives them something to do, rather than cause trouble. Living in Amsterdam has a major effect on why I and many other teens play football. Amsterdam is, and has always been, and great football tradition. It all starts out with the children and the great Pee Wee football program we call Little Giants. This program teaches little kids from age seven through twelve the art of the game of football. When players get too old for this program they move on to the junior high school team which has always been another great program that teaches kids the fundamentals of life. Then the players move on to the junior varsity team where they get trained to play on the top school level. Varsity is the top of line for school football. This is where every little giants player wants to play. These players are envied by all, for the decades of great football they have played. There is no other greater feeling than to play a home game on a Friday night under the lights on the Amsterdam turf, while being watches by thousands of screaming fans, the steam that can be seen on the top of every players head, and the joy that runs through your body as you see the time run out and your are a champion again. The greatest accomplishment these players have is winning the state title and raising their helmets in the dome of Syracuse and yelling champions for the last time of their football career. As a player walks off that field there is no better feeling of pride in the fact that you are an Amsterdam football player. Sports have had a major impact on society. Football is a very popular sport played in America and many other countries. Some may say that football is a violent sport and its not beneficial in any way, but in reality it gives a person all the basic tools needed not only for playing the game, but also how you interact with people in society. Also it is very simple to get involved in most cites and towns. It can be the one thing that matters the most in a students high school career. The accomplishments that can be earned from football are like no other. Football takes time and effort to become a better player. To know that your whole team has worked the hardest and plays the best together is an incredible feeling. Football is a great game that is both fun and instructive. After winning a state title and walking off the field I thought to myself, there is not one other thing I would have dedicated myself to for so many years than the hot turf of a football field.

To identify these chemicals Essay Example for Free

To identify these chemicals Essay Problem: you are provided with 3 unknown chemicals which are labelled A, B, C, D and E. Carry out appropriate test to identify the chemicals. Method: to identify these chemicals I will carry out two types of test: Flame test and chemical test. Flame test:   To carry out the flame test I will dip the metal wire in the roaring Bunsen flame.   Then I dipped the wire in hydrochloric acid   Next I placed it into the sample and then I placed it into the roaring Bunsen Flame. After I recorded the colour of the flame Safety:   I wore goggles to protect my eyes from acid (hydrochloric acid is corrosive)   When I was not using the Bunsen burner, I put it on safety flame   I also used small amounts of acid and have a safety mat Test for cat ion: Chemical Flame colour Cat ion A Yellow Na+ B Lilac K+ C Green Cu2+ Test for an ion: Substance Test observation Sodium chloride Add Dilute hydrochloric acid It fizzes and carbon dioxide gas is produced. Copper carbonate Add Acidified silver nitrate White precipitate Potassium sulphate I added Acidified barium chloride solution White precipitate Evaluation: Flame test and chemical test tell us which chemicals are present. This is called a qualitative analysis. In industry, it is also very important to know how much of the chemical is present. The difference between my tests and the tests carried out in the industry is that they find the amount as well as the type of chemical.

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Vision And Mission Of Pia Tourism Essay

Vision And Mission Of Pia Tourism Essay In this report after giving a brief historical background, vision and mission of PIA, we have discussed its hierarchical structure and the values and services provided to the customers. We also describe the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of PIA. Thirdly we have described the various corporate responsibilities of PIA along with the strategies followed for the selection of various the target segments. Our focus is to explore the reasons behind the downfall of national airline. As in few last years we have seen that the market share of PIA was continuously declining as compare to its domestic and international competitors. We find out that there are number of internal and external factor which causes the downfall of PIA. The lack of true leadership, government excessive interference, organizational internal conflicts and corruption and the new air aviation policies are the few major reasons behind the losing market share. In the end we sum up the whole findings of our report in terms of conclusion of the whole scenario and we also suggest some ways to the management of PIA that how they can overcome these crisis, how they can retain and motivate their employees, and what to do in order to gain their lost glory. PIA for short, can trace its beginnings to the days when Pakistan still was not an independent state. In 1946 Muhammad Ali Jinnah realized the need for an airline network for the forming country and called upon the help of an experienced industrialist Mirza Ahmad Ispahani to develop a flag carrier for the nation. Meanwhile, an airline called Orient Airways, registered in Kolkata, was formed on October 23 1946. Services were started in June from Kolkata to Sittwe and Yangon. This was the first post-war airline flight by a South Asian registered airline company. Two months after this service began, Pakistan was formed. Orient Airways began relief flights to the new nation and, soon after, it moved its operations to Karachi, where it began flights to Dhaka on June 7, 1954. In addition, the first two domestic routes in Pakistan were established, from Karachi to Lahore to Peshawar, and from Karachi to Quetta to Lahore. The Government of Pakistan, realizing the operation was failing economically, proposed that Orient Airways merge into a new national airline. On March 11 1955, Orient Airways merged with the governments proposed airline, becoming Pakistan International Airlines Corporation. During the same year the airline opened its first international service, from Karachi to London Heathrow Airport. In March 1960, PIA became the first Asian airline to enter the jet age when Boeing 707 services were introduced. The aircraft were wet leased from Pan American and in 1961 services were begun to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. VISION OF PIA: To be a world class airline exceeding customer expectations through Dedicated employees Committed to excellence. MISSION OF PIA: As a Symbol of National Pride, We Aspire to be a Choice Airline, Operating Profitably on Modern Commercial concepts and Capable of Competing with the Best in the International as well as Domestic Markets. HIRARCHY OF PIA: This organization is divided into following departments: Human Resource and Administration, Marketing, Corporate Planning, Information Services, Finance, Flight Services, Flight Operation, Engineering, Procurement and Logistics, Customer Services, Training and Development, Quality Assurance. The organogram of the organization follows, with the Chairman at the top and directors of departments reporting to him. The structure is centralized with the top-level management making the decisions. VALUES: 1. Customer Expectations PIA is the most trusted name in the industry. The reason of its goodwill is according the expectation of their customers that PIA has fulfilled always. By providing competitive tariff, extensive care, and convenience to their valued and potential customers. 2. Service PIA aims at providing valuable and unique services to its customers. They are more personalized and courteous to their customers. The services are valuable and rare; this is the reason why customers trust PIA. 3. Innovation PIA currently has a number of 43 fleets and aims at increasing this numbers to 53 by the next few years.PIA is adoptive to changes and believe in innovation thats create new ideas and translating these ideas into action. 4. Reliability PIA is the most experience airline with its service with more than 53 years. This has built in PIA has become the most reliable airline. PIA is known for its loyalty and consistency. 5. Safety The most challenging responsibility of any organization is to provide complete satisfaction to its employees and customers together. This satisfaction rewards favorable and easy working conditions. The in-flight services are customers friendly and the organizational the organizational environment is also employees oriented. 6. Cohesiveness PIA has 12 departments working in their own direction and also provides a number of services including speedex courier service, catering etc. The most impressive part is these all department and services are integrated in a cohesive way. SERVICES: PIA offers two types of services. Business Class Its the only Business Class service that feels like First Class. A comfortable seat makes all the difference on a long flight. PIAs Business Class Seats elevate the concept of luxury to a new level, fully endorsing your decision to choose PIA Business Class. Sit back and relax in our exclusive Business Class Lounges at the Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad airports. Our hospitable staff will ensure that youre well looked after during your stay with us at the airport. Business Class passengers arriving at Airport will receive a warm welcome from PIA. Our representatives will walk you right through all the arrival formalities so that you dont have to stand in line or worry about clearance. Economy Class PIAs economy class is also comfortable for passenger as Business class. Economy Class offer seats with a 32-inch pitch, adjustable footrests and winglet headrests for improved neck comfort. The personal TV provides on-going entertainment including audio and video on-demand choices. Passengers enjoy the same caring service from our flight attendants, along with skillfully prepared meals and a wide range of in-flight entertainment options to choose from. Free newspapers are also provided to all Economy class passengers. The PIA in-flight magazine, Hamsafar, is provided to all passengers on all international flights. FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE: During the first quarter of 2007, the airline achieved a 5% growth in overall revenue mainly due to increase in passenger traffic. The revenue growth was lowered by a 10% reduction in cargo revenue. The EU ban on PIA in March 2007 reduced the revenue growth because only the Boeing 777 was allowed to enter in Europe. Many of the European routes were put on hold until the airplanes were repaired and brought up to EU standards. The impact of the 2006 salary rise, increased cost of leased airplanes, and higher maintenance cost of the PIA fleet increased the overall operating expenses by 19%. Consequently, the airline suffered an operating loss of Rs 2.5 billion in the first quarter of 2008. MAJOR COMPETITORS: PIA is still holding the first position in market. It has 48% market share. Its major competitors are: Air blue and Shaheen International Airline. MARKET SHARE: Now PIA has the total market share of about 48% of total air transport in Pakistan. PRIVATISATION: PIA is owned by the government of Pakistan. In the late 1990s, the Government of Pakistan thought of giving the airline to the private sector due to the persistent losses suffered by the airline. The Government announced the privatization plans but was never implemented. The rising fuel prices are increasing the operating costs of the airline which consequently increase the losses. Another source of PIAs inefficiency has been the over-staffing of employees over the past 10-20 years that has crippled the organizations finances. Back door discussions with potential buyers continue without any positive results. Following the global trend, several steps towards outsourcing of non-core business have been initiated. Catering units (starting with Karachi Flight Kitchen), Ground Handling (starting with Ramp Services) and Engineering, are to be gradually carved out of the airline and operated as independent companies. PIAs Network Domestic Networks International Networks CHAPTER # 2: SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT ANALYSIS OF PIA: STRENGTHS 1. LEADING MARKET POSITION PIA is one of Pakistans leading air carriers, with more than 800 daily flights. Around 150,000 passengers a month fly on PIA, making it one of the major operators in the domestic market in terms of passenger kilometers. PIAs international market share was 43.5%, In the Domestic market, its market share was 69.4%. On a system-wide basis, PIAs market share was 51.2% at the end of year 2007. Its strong market position is driven by consistently low fares as well as reliable service, frequent and convenient flights, use of new technologies like e-ticketing and self check-in terminals, comfortable cabins and superior customer service. 2. BRAND RECOGNITION PIA has high brand recall. It is recognized by travelers all over the country. PIA is a national airline, operating passenger and cargo services covering eighty-two domestic and foreign. PIA has earned the number one ranking in customer satisfaction. This strong market position gives the company a scale advantage and helps it strengthen its brand image. 3. SUPERIOR OPERATING STRUCTURE PIA has maintained its position as the low cost carrier. It has been first class Pakistani airline to use the latest technology. Factors contributing consists of different series of Boeing and Airbus and an efficient, high-utilization and point- to-point route structure. Flying one type of aircraft significantly simplifies scheduling, maintenance, flight operations, and training activities. PIA has continually achieved high asset utilization and employee efficiency. Superior operating structure serves as the primary competitive advantage of PIA. 4. NETWORK PRESENCE PIA enjoys a strong network in key domestic and international destinations. The companys network includes three the major airports in Pakistan, as well as major international airport such as Dubai International Airport. Having a strong network means that PIA can generate traffic feed for both its domestic and international Flights. 5. HUB AIRPORT AT KARACHI PIA operates from its hub in Jinnah International Airport, Karachi. Jinnah International is one of the worlds busiest airports in terms of number of passengers carried. It is also one of the largest international gateways to Asia. It is also the leading international air passenger (and cargo) gateway to Pakistan. The companys strong presences in airports with heaviest traffic levels in Pakistan give it a competitive advantage. 6. EFFECTIVE USE OF TECHNOLOGY PIA has successfully incorporated latest technology in all its systems, giving it an edge over competitors.PIA takes credit for introducing most new technologies to the Pakistani market. It was the second carrier in Pakistan to incorporate the c-ticketing system and the second in South Asia to introduce self check in systems at the Jinnah International Airport, Karachi. WEAKNESSES 1. FORMULATION OF GOVT. RULES The Basic flaw of this organization is its consolidation that is centralized system. The key policies, strategies and set of laws are designed by the upper management. The centralized system is one of the biggest obstacles of long term success of PIA. PIA centralizes structure lead to barrel between different level of management, decreased motivation, and hard access to information. 2. HIGH DEPENDENCE ON PASSENGER REVENUES Passenger revenues accounted for 87 percent of the PIAs total revenue in 2007. Cargo services allow airlines to generate additional revenues from existing passenger flights. In addition, cargo revenues are usually counter cyclical to passenger revenues and have lower demand elasticity than passenger business, which allows airlines to pass on fuel price hikes to customers. 3. DEBT PIA has a significant amount of 42 billion debts. Current and future debts could have important consequences for stakeholders of the company. For example, debt could impair PIA ability to make investments and obtain additional financing for working capital, capital expenditures, acquisitions or general corporate or other purposes. Debts could also put PIA at a competitive disadvantage to competitors that have lesser debt and could also increase the companys vulnerability to interest rate increases. 4. RELIANCE ON OIL PRICES PIAs sustainability, growth and revenues directly depend on oil prices. A steep rise in oil prices can seriously damage the long term viability of any airline. Recently many airlines around the world went bankrupt due to rising oil prices. Airlines need to hedge against this risk by taking proper measures. OPPORTUNITIES 1. HAVING THE MAXIMUM ROUTE AND FLEET PIA is having the maximum route and fleet domestic and international destinations network in Pakistan as compared to its Competitors. Route and fleet expansion will positively impact the companys operations by increasing revenues. 2. GROWING DEMAND FOR LOW COST AIRLINES The growing demand for air travel is driven by lower fares and consumer confidence. A survey by International Aviation Authority showed that ticket price is the number one criterion for passengers when selecting a flight, well ahead of the availability of a non-stop service. 3. CUSTOMER LOYALTY PIAs frequent flyer and loyalty programs can help it retain customers. PIAs Awards+plus (frequent flyer program) was established to develop passenger loyalty by offering awards and services to frequent travelers. Such schemes encourage repeat travel on PIA, as passengers seek to accrue the benefits given to regular travelers. This enables the airline to retain customers and reduce costs, as it does not have to spend money targeting new customers to replace those lost to other airlines. 4. SHIFTING CUSTOMER NEEDS The needs of air passengers are increasingly changing, as they are becoming more and more price sensitive. If PIA succeeds in making its prices more competitive, then the company will be able to gain significant market share. 5. INDUSTRY RECOVERY Market analysts believe that the global airline industry will experience an upturn in fortunes over the next few years. This represents an opportunity for PIA, as it could generate increased revenues and command market share if it capitalizes on increases in demand. THREATS 1. HIGH INTEREST RATES The past few years have seen State Bank of Pakistan impose high as well as low interest rates to check inflation and the overheating of Pakistani economy. Inflation in Pakistan may see another raise in the short-term. 2. ACCIDENTS There had been five accidents with PIA listed as below: Pakistan International Airlines Flight PK 705 was a Boeing 720 040 B that crashed while descending to land on Runway 34 at Cairo International Airport on May 20, 1965 resulting in 119 fatalities. Pakistan International Airlines Flight PK740 was a Boeing 707-340C that crashed after takeoff from Jeddah International Airport on November 26, 1979. All 156 aboard were killed. Pakistan International Airlines Flight 268 was an Airbus A300B4-203, registration AP-BCP, which crashed on approach to Kathmandus Tribhuvan International Airport on September 28, 1992. All 167 on board were killed. . PIA Flight 554 is the flight number of a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Fokker F27 that was hijacked on May 25, 1998. The flight started its journey at Gwadar in Balochistan after originating in Turbat, and was flying to Pakistans southern port city of Karachi. The aircraft was carrying 24 passengers and 5 crew members. Pakistan International Airlines Flight 688 (PK688, PIA688) was scheduled to operate from Multan to Lahore and Islamabad at 12:05 pm on July 10, 2006. It crashed into a field after bursting into flames a few minutes after takeoff from Multan International Airport. All 41 passengers and four crewmembers on board were killed. PIA has to continuously ensure utmost safety and security of its passengers. Accidents can adversely affect customer confidence in PIA and result in declined revenues intensifying competition. 3. STRONG COMPETITION BY AIRBLUE PIA is now competing against carriers such as Airblue and Shaheen Airline. PIA remains Airblues strongest competitor because of the huge market it has gained over time, strong brand image and customer loyalty.PIA has started new low-fares subsidiary PIA Express to stop the Airblue market share growing to fast. Moreover, major legacy airlines have been focusing on restructuring costs, which has improved their competitiveness. With costs restructured, the legacy airlines are becoming more formidable competitors in terms of increasing capacity, matching prices and leveraging their frequent flier programs. Increasing competition could adversely affect the companys margins. 4. INTEREST AND FOREIGN CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATES Fluctuating foreign currency exchange rates can have a significant impact on PIAs earnings. For example, as PIA is providing its services to the UK. Negative or positive effects arise from exchange rate movements as change in expenses. Strengthening of foreign currencies against the British Pound will positively impact PIA and vice versa. 5. DECLINE IN AIRLINE INDUSTRY A number of factors have caused the current decline in the airline industry. For example, the threat of further terrorist attacks since September 11 and a fall in the number of business travelers have both caused passenger numbers to fall. These and other factors may continue to affect demand for air travel in the future, which will affect revenues of PIA. CHAPTER # 3 Corporat Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility of PIA: Committed to Creating a Better World PIA is driven by the highest standards of corporate governance and social responsibility. As a public sector organization and a business leader, PIA believes in building strong relationships with customers, partners, employees, and the communities in which it operates. The organizations values are exemplified in a range of corporate initiatives designed to impact positively on the lives of multiple stakeholders. PIA practices active corporate citizenship through social services, support for non-profit organizations, medical services for employees, the promotion of sports, and educational initiatives. PIA has institutionalized the practice of good governance by establishing a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. The Committee provides a platform to evaluate, update, and recommend best practices as PIA continues on its mission to adhere to business ethics and stamp out corruption. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is woven into the fabric of daily operations at PIA. Our employees wholeheartedly contribute to our commitment to develop the organization, the communities in which we function, and the country. Social Services Boy Scouts Association The PIA Boy Scouts Association (PIA-BSA), a provincial segment of the Pakistan Boy Scouts Association, is based on the value system of the Scout Promise and Law. The PBSAs mission is to actively train and develop members through Youth Training Programs. Scouting contributes to the education of young people and helps build a better world where individuals can play constructive roles in society. The PIA-BSAs major contributions include providing Haj services at domestic and Saudi Arabian airports, engaging in activities with the Heritage Association of Pakistan, assisting special children at PIAs Al-Shifa Trust, and participating in a number of health, cleanliness, literacy, tree plantation, drug prevention, and blood donation drives. The PIA-BSA has also started a cricket academy where thousands of youth have received cricket coaching from PIAs renowned test and first-class cricketers. Following the earthquake tragedy of 8th October, 2005, the PIA-BSA immediately deployed contingents in Islamabad followed by scout deployments in Balakot, Garhi Habibullah, Muzaffarabad, and Bagh where relief goods were distributed and emergency services were rendered. PIA Planetariums Through a combination of projectors, optics, electronics, and precision engineering, PIA offers a range of cosmic experiences to the Pakistani people. The PIA Planetariums enable the viewing of virtual universes, replete with stars, planets, and nebulae and visitors throng the planetariums to look at astronomical phenomena such as eclipses, alien landscapes, planets, and the sun. PIA is the only airline in the world to have invested in an innovative and educational planetarium project that is open to the general public at affordable rates. PIA Horticulture Plants and trees provide habitat, shelter, food, materials and medicines to human beings and animals. Realizing the significance of a healthy and pollution-free environment, PIA set up a horticulture division in 1996. In addition to maintaining indoor and outdoor plants and trees, PIA Horticulture provides seasonal flowers for display in PIAs offices and for a range of events, winning several awards and accolades at flower exhibitions across the country. To reduce pollution and contribute towards a greener Pakistan, PIA Horticulture actively participates in tree plantation campaigns during each spring and monsoon season. Support for Non-Profit Organizations As part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives, PIA supports a number of charities and trusts: Al-Shifa Trust provides relief and rehabilitation services to special children suffering from cerebral palsy and other motor disorders. Zindagi Trust provides education to underprivileged and working children. The Citizens Foundation runs a professionally managed network of purpose-built schools in the poorest rural areas and most neglected urban slums of Pakistan CHAL is a network of non-profit organizations and individuals dedicated to providing rehabilitating services to disabled persons. SIUT (Sind Institute of Urology and Transplantation) provides medical services to the patients suffering from Urology, Nephrology, Transplantation and Liver Diseases. Training and Education PIA Training Center The PIA Training Center is a leading airline training institution that delivers the highest standards of aviation instruction. The Training Center is built around a highly advanced training infrastructure, approved by local and international regulatory authorities such as CAA, ICAO, and IATA. The PIA Training Centers courses are based on a unique, standards-based curriculum designed to impart knowledge and best practices in all the aspects of the airline industry. The PIA Training Center provides quality training to PIAs pilots, engineers, air hostesses, and to employees of other associated PIA divisions. PIA Model Secondary School The PIA Model Secondary School was set up in 1980 to provide high quality education to the children of PIAs employees at an affordable fee. Situated at a distance from the hubbub of the city, the school is housed in a modern building that spans over 10 acres of land and is staffed by teachers dedicated to empowering children with knowledge and skills for the future. Equal emphasis is placed on curricular and extracurricular activities in order to produce well-rounded, holistic, and responsible citizens. PIA Industrial Training Institute The PIA Industrial Training Institute was established in 1986 to provide technical, vocational, and industrial knowledge to the families of PIAs employees. With the sustained support of top-level management at PIA, the Institute has functioned smoothly for over two decades, and has emerged as a leading industrial training center in the region. The Institute imparts industry knowledge, and specialized training courses in arts and crafts to the families of employees for a very nominal fee, empowering them to earn livelihoods and gain respect in their communities. Medical Services PIA Employee Health and Medical Services The health and welfare of our employees has always been a matter of utmost importance and significance at PIA. All employees are provided with a comprehensive medical package, in collaboration with reputable hospitals, diagnostic labs, and medical institutions. In 1959, PIA established a Medical Division to supply wide-ranging medical coverage to active and retired employees. To ensure that the highest standards of aviation are maintained, a Crew Center periodically carries out air crew checks, in conformity with international and Civil Aviation Authority standards.PIAs medical facilities cover the parents and spouses of serving employees, children up to the age of 27, unmarried daughters, and disabled, mentally challenged children of any age. Retired employees and their spouses are also eligible for medical care at PIAs Medical Centers. In addition to coverage in Pakistans major cities, PIA has extended its medical network to 35 smaller stations, in collaboration with private and pu blic sector hospitals. PIA also looks after its overseas employees under the Local National Health Scheme and Insurance Schemes. PIA Sports Division In continuation of its unwavering commitment to Pakistans development, the PIA Sports Division was set up in 1958. PIAs contribution to the advancement of Pakistani sports remains unparalleled no other organization in the country has consistently invested in the promotion and development of sports. Visionary leadership at PIA provided the impetus for the airline to set up a unique career development plan for sportsmen. PIA provides attractive and stable jobs to outstanding sportsmen, empowering them to focus on what they do best. Sportsmen are provided gear, travel facilities, and benefits that have enabled them to excel and make Pakistan proud. PIAs sportsmen have been and continue to form Pakistans lineup for major sports including cricket, hockey, football, squash, polo, tennis, bridge, chess, table tennis, cycling, and body building. PIA has dramatized the world of Pakistani sports by transforming popular games into national sports, national sportsmen into international heroes, and national tournaments into international sports bonanzas. Safety a) Corporate Safety Quality Assurance The PIA Corporate Safety Quality Assurance Division ensures safe operations by adopting international standards and recommended industry practices. Strict adherence to Safety HSEQ policy and procedures during flight as well as on ground helps in maintaining a hazard free workplace environment. Corporate Safety QA Division is responsible for effective implementation of Safety Management System (SMS), Health Safety Environment (HSE) Program, Flight Ground Safety Management, Flight Data Monitoring Analysis Program, Emergency Response Planning (ERP) and Fire Protection Services as well as Quality Assurance Program encompassing overall operations of the airline. b) IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) Certification PIA is proudly maintaining its IOSA Certification and thus IATA Registration since 2005. The IATA Operational Safety Audit Programmed is an internationally recognized and accepted system for assessing the operational management and control systems of an airline. IOSA is based on industry proven quality audit principles and structured to ensure a standardized audit with consistent results. Airlines that meet all standards become registered with IATA as an IOSA Operator. IOSA Audit covers Organization and Management System, Flight Operations, Operational Control Flight Dispatch, Aircraft Engineering Maintenance, Cabin and Cargo Compartment Operations, Aircraft Ground Handling, Cargo Operations and Operational Security of the airline. By virtue of PIAs IOSA Certification, PIA is able to ensure safety of passengers as well as employees. c) Fire Safety-in the Workplace and at Home PIA has made a number of arrangements to handle incidental fires and allied hazards. First Aid Fire Stations have been set up in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, and Fixed Fire Protection Systems have been installed at sensitive premises. PIAs locations are equipped with portable fire extinguishers and a range of other fire safety devices. All the installed equipment is inspected regularly and maintained in accordance with international standards. Fire Safety Courses are conducted regularly to equip employees with fire fighting skills and to impart critical knowledge of preventive measures. Fire Prevention Courses are also conducted at the Staff Township and PIA Model Schools so that employees and their families can take appropriate fire prevention measures at home. PIAs Corporate Safety QA Division also actively engages in advocacy sessions to create awareness through print publications and sharing of experiences. Working in collaboration with the Fire Protection Association of Pakistan, PIA is committed to creating and promoting a culture of safety at a nation-wide level. The divisions future plans include running fortnightly fire and safety awareness sessions at government and private schools. Emergency Response Planning Passenger care is an airlines most crucial responsibility. Acknowledging the significance of Emergency Response Planning (ERP), PIA has set up a discrete section to handle emergencies. The Emergency Response Planning Section has developed an Emergency Response Manual and manages Emergency Response Center Teams, Field Teams, Family Assistance and Support Teams, and Volunteers. The ERP Section will also train volunteers in the areas of aircraft emergencies, rescue, basic first aid, and fire fighting to effectively respond to natural disasters. Emergency Response Facilities include the computerized data storage of teams and volunteers with an automated emergency call out system. The software application also provides a technology supported callback system for contacting families of the affected. PIAs Emergency Response Planning Section hopes to contribute meaningfully towards national capacity building in the area of emergency management, through financial and human resource investments. CHAPTER # 4 STRATEGIC FAILURES Market Segmentations and Targeting Strategies of PIA Demographic Segmentation: Income Segmentation audience who falls under the category of upper and upper middle class. Occupation Segmentation working class and business class. Behavioral Segmentation: Occas

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Abortion Essay -- essays research papers

Abortion: A Controversial Issue One of the major controversial issues confronting the society today is abortion. I choose abortion as the topic of discussion since it contradicts my values and beliefs. Abortion is the extraction of the human fetus from the mother’s womb with an intention to end the life of that fetus prior to its natural birth. The controversy surrounding abortion is whether it should be legalized or not? In my opinion, abortion is morally and ethically wrong because it leads to violation of human rights. Life is precious and only it’s Creator has the right to take it away. I chose this issue for discussion to bring to light many of the hidden facts and arguments, of which people are unaware and not very sensitive today. Three of the many aspects of abortion can be taken into consideration 1) Motives behind abortion 2) Pro life v/s pro choice. 2) The growth of the â€Å"Dead Baby Industry.† Abortion is an issue lacking of humanity and moral value because of the various motives behind it. Abortion is the most extreme, permanent and devastatingly violent solution, for an unborn child. As said by former Surgeon General and a pediatrician Dr. C. Everett Koop, the most common reason for abortion is convenience. Only three to five percent of all abortions performed are for reasons of rape, incest, the possibility of a deformed child, or severe threat to the life of the mother. As Dr. Koop, has pointed out, the majority of partial birth abortions are not required by medical emergency. According to researchers at the Alan Guttmacher Institute, of those obtaining abortions in 1980, 30 percent were under age 20 and 79 percent were unmarried, which shows that abortions in the United States are most often sought as a "solution" to the problem of pregnancy outside of marriage. The major reason behind most of the abortions is mere inconvenience or unwantedness of the baby seems mean, insensitive and unreasonable. Pro-life vs. pro choice is a leading fundamental concern regarding the abortion controversy. The main argument of the pro-choice view for legalized abortions has to do with a woman's right to privacy and her right to control her body. The pro-choice viewers do not approve of governmental interference in personal matters like abortion. Certainly this right of p... ... in society. The worldly materialization and sophistication has made the abortionists so insensitive towards morality that life has lost its true worth. The main point is not the price that an eye, a brain or heart is sold for, but that a helpless child had to be killed in order to obtain these parts. Thus legalizing abortions would not mean giving the opponents a right to privacy and choice, but would in turn give a boost to their multimillion dollar biotechnology industry (Crutcher,M). I’m the defender of the right to life in America and an issue like abortion should light a fire in the hearts of all who respect this nation’s founding principles. The strength of the pro-life position is not because of some clever definition of life. Rather the facts force us to admit that this is a unique individual human life, whose helplessness in the womb can either motivate us to compassion, nurturing and protection or be used as an excuse and opportunity to exercise our deadly power and earn millions. As a result, legalizing abortion would open doors for plenty different sinful industries. This in turn would not lead to progress.

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The Relaxation Factor of Spas Essay -- Descriptive Spa Spas Relaxing E

The Relaxation Factor of Spas Most people get a look of relaxation on their face when someone says the word, spa. The imagery of mud baths, facials, manicures, pedicures, and massages triggers a feeling of complete relaxation. Many different types of people visit spas. A writer for, Julie Register, explains the different types of people who visit spas. She says, â€Å"people like a traveler that has jet lag, a mother who would like to break away from her children for awhile, or even a person who is experiencing acne, visit spas† (Register). While looking for the origin of the word â€Å"spa,† I found on the internet that there are many possible origins. Julie Register from says a possible origin is from the Latin word â€Å"Espa,† meaning to bubble up, or â€Å"Sanus Per Aquam† meaning health by or through water (Register). I was curious as to how spas had originally begun. While engulfing my mind into information I found on the internet, I found two distinct ways that spas had begun. Register also explains this to me. She says that as early as five hundred BC, Homer and other Greek writers say that Greeks favored a variety of baths. This included water baths and air baths (Register). Almost all of us are familiar with water baths. Water baths are the same thing as what we call the average â€Å"baths.† During one of these â€Å"water baths,† the person receiving the treatment has their body submerged in water with a temperature of their liking. However, I was not familiar with what an air bath was. While continuing to research, on the internet, I found that air baths are what we call saunas, today. Air baths are somewhat related to a water bath, except there is no water. In air baths, the receiver of the bath is ... ...ated in different countries and cultures, but past societies all had the same idea – relaxation by water. Today the spa business has boomed, but all spas focus on one thing – water. I have gone to many different spas and have experienced this first hand. Spas provide something for everyone. Works Cited Brown, Anita. â€Å"What Does a Spa Do?† 18 Oct. 2004 . â€Å"What is a Spa, Anyway?† 18 Oct.2004 . Foley, Jo. â€Å"Spas: A Brief History Two Centuries of Relaxation.† Hilary Spa & Beauty. 18 Oct. 2004 . Personal Survey. 18 Oct. 2004. Register, Julie. â€Å"Spa Evolution, A Brief History of Spas.† 18 Oct. 2004 .

Irony in Chinua Achebes Things Fall Apart :: Things Fall Apart essays

Things Fall Apart  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   That year the harvest was sad, like a funeral, and many farmers wept as they dug up the miserable and rotting yams.   One man tied his cloth to a tree branch and hanged himself.   Okonkwo remembered that tragic year with a cold shiver throughout the rest of his life.   It always surprised him when he thought of it later that he did not sink under the load of despair.   He knew that he was a fierce fighter, but that year had been enough to break the heart of a lion.   Ã‚   "Since I survived that year," he always said, "I shall survive anything."   He put it down to his inflexible will.   His father, Unoka, who was then an ailing man, had said to him during that terrible harvest month:   "Do not despair.   I know that you will not despair.   You have a manly and a proud heart.   A proud heart can survive a general failure because such a failure does not prick its pride.   It is more difficult and more bitter when a man fails alone."   Ã‚  Ã‚   The above passages were taken from the end of chapter three, part one.   After finishing reading this book and then going back through it, I found these passages very ironic in regards to how the story eventually ended.   Okonkwo believed that because he was such a fierce fighter, he could conquer anything life threw at him.   However, it was his fierce, proud, fighting attitude that was his demise in the face of uncontrollable circumstances in the end.   Okonkwo believed that war and brute fighting would fix everything.   He was a proud and stubborn man constantly struggling to improve his standing in the tribal community.   Okonkwo also had intense pride for his tribe and way of life.   He believed it was the right way of life and not to be questioned.   Everyone was supposed to fear war with Umofia due to their fierce warriors and greatness in battle.   When the white men not only did not fear them, but openly threatened the tribal way of life, Okonk wo prepared to handle the situation the only way he knew how.   He wanted to got to war against the new white invaders, chasing them from tribal lands and ending the threat of different ways of life.   Ã‚  Ã‚   The passage ends with, "it is more difficult and more bitter when a man fails alone.

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Analysis of School Children by W.H Auden Essay

As the world evolves over the years people get new ideas, new theories, and develops a new way of thinking. Taking something so simple and elaborating on it making it sophisticated. In the Poem â€Å"School Children†, W.H Auden tries to emphasize to the readers that a simple playground where inhabits their fun filled activities is actually a prison. Here I will be explaining why the poem â€Å"School Children† is actually good. For a short poem Auden packs a lot of information that he sends out to the reader making his point straight and clear. As a little boy that sees his surroundings as a prison he uses many poetic devices to prove or enhance his point. One of the variations used in this poem is a â€Å"simile† A simile is a figure of speech that, like metaphor, compares unlike things in order to describe something. Similes do not state that something is another thing, however. Instead, they compare using the word â€Å"like† or â€Å"as.†On the very first line it says â€Å"Here are all the captivities; the cells are AS real. He is emphasizing that all the â€Å"prisoners† which is children are really living in a real prison environment. On the closing statement of the 2nd paragraph it stated, â€Å"The bars of love are so strong, their conspiracies weak like the vows of drunkards† . What this verse is trying to do is compare the term the children’s wrongful act to the words of a drunkardAnother device being portrayed is Imagery. Imagery is the use of words to create a picture in the mind of the reader. As the author put the readers through a stance where can we actually picture the school being a prison, with detailed descriptions on the first paragraph. 3rd paragraph â€Å"indeed their strangeness is difficult to watch; the condemned see only the fallacious angels of a vision. 4th paragraph â€Å"yet the tyranny is so easy. The improper word scribbled upon the fountain, is that all the rebellion?†(Oxymoron – Awkward Perfection)Another Device being represented is Hyperbole, which means an exaggeration of the truth. Such as, I seen that movie a million times, or I am laughing to death. These cannot be literally true but they are used to make things sound more impressive, or to emphasize something such as emotions, responses, or efforts. In this poem Auden uses Hyperbole to make his work more appealing to the reader and adds a sense of imagination. This whole poem is a hyperbole because the title school children it doesn’t talk directly about schoolchildren but instead he  exaggerates it as a prison. More specific,In the 2nd paragraph 2nd line†With the dumb play of the dog, licking and rushing;† – Auden is using the term DOG as a comparison to a regular school kid playing at the playground. Auden is just giving us a better exaggeration on how school kids act. Like how the schoolteacher throws you a ball and the dog must go get it. Auden doesn’t literally mean the kids are dogs but in reality the relationship is similar. â€Å"The condemned see only the fallacious angels of a vision† – Fallacious meaning false. Those who don’t try in school are proven to hate it. A hyperbole is being portrayed by saying the kids are all angels at some point but it is up to them whether they want to be good or not. (Or their parents in some cases)†The storm of tears shed in the corner† – the hyperbole I this verse is the Storm of Tears.. Literally it translate to he/she cries a lot in the corner. The effect of a storm gives us a more photographic detail on what kids do when they get into certain trouble.

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Compare Reunion Two Kinds Essay

It often surprises me how antithetical individuals from different cultures and circumstances t kayoed ensemble thrust intercourse unitedly in ane country and share universey experiences. Individuals homogeneous Amy Tan who was born among Chinese immigrants, john Cheever from Massachusetts and Louise Erdrich who comes from a Chippewa Indian and German background and was born in Minnesota. A vast variety of origins and they all come to have several wakeless or bad things in common in their work. Hardships of immigration is stated or implied in these pieces as well as lift-child relationship. to the highest degree all of them carry a experience of determination of different levels and stories of this kind non un alike(p) the ones examined in this piece have a blend, colorless and depressing promissory note. invoke child was shorter nevertheless slower, Perfectly cheerful was longer but faster and afterwards I played them both I realized they were two halves of the sam e straining (Tan, 105) Now I usually void long quotations but this one by Tan should be engraved on gold and kept in the museum of expectant metaphors. Growing into your long and fast adulthood through your short and slow childhood is indirectly implied throughout Cheevers reunification as well.Here is a plea When I read that last paragraph of Tans two kinds I got goose bumps. The terminal sentence is the strongest and most beautiful culture I have ever read. That importee of clarity was more audible than the face workers who made it roughly impossible for me to centering on the apologue as I read it. The Red Convertible on the other hand is of a different style, and looks at the relationship between total heat and Lyman. Two brothers who are in slight terms and Erdrich emphasizes on that point by mentioning the trust they have for one another. They deal a flashy car together and that is the proof to the argument.A wise man once told me that War leave fire your soul and from your ashes it shall raise a sassy per tidings. I sense experienced a close relation to that quote practice session Erdrichs story. As Henry is dramatically changed after witnessing what went down in Vietnam setoff hand. The most interesting story concede by far goes to Reunion by Cheever. One of the most interesting points in that piece was the fact that the son neer showed any disapproval toward his fathers behavior no matter how out of line he went. Which implies the engagement the son had inside although never mentioned in the story.The conflict between his pre-approved father as he thinks to himself I wish someone proverb us together (cheever, 106) and his own sense of right and wrong. How could someone seem so proper and successful and act like a drunken fool concurrently . A potion of confusion and amazement that will take him years or decades to digest. not unlike the confusion that accompanied Jeng mei trough her childhood and teen age. go the undeniable respect for a parent is carved into her brain, she sees her mom as a rival. Preventing all of her be-myself teenage dreams to come true.The tone of a story is like the background music to a scene from a romantic movie. It could either make it or ruin it for the audience. Two Kinds will adopt your eyebrows closer to to each one other fleck Reunion will raise them up to the eyeshade of your forehead. Two kinds takes place in china town not the better part of New York City . An immigrant capture with broken English who yells at Jeng mei for e precise mistake she makes on top of that, is definitely not helping her cause. The story does not calm down until the rattling end and when it does it is superb. While on the nearly parallel line reunion never changed its tone.It goes from blend to blend. It is amusing all on but it definitely misses a good climax maybe not as exotic as Tans but And thats the last meter I saw my father and the initialise has ended way too galore(postno minal) stories. I see Reunion by Cheever and Tans Two Kinds as a closer match up and The red convertible is just as distant to the rest as its gloss is. The story still shares the common conflicts but the other two get into a good deal more details and as a reader who has come from a trio world country and has seen poverty and prosperity living next door to each other I can very much relate to them.

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Aging Theory- Gerontology

Aging Theory- Gerontology

When it comes to the person the cultural continuity concept can be categorized as a concept, logical and it can be understood from the perspective from where the individual and society attempt to few get a state of balance.Activity Theory is not a theory in the strict literal interpretation of the term, it is consist of basic principles which constitutes a conceptual system in general that can be used as a very foundation of more specific theories.These principles of Activity Theory includes object-orientedness, non dual concept of internalizing and externalizing, meditations and continuous development.Whereas the object future orientedness states that as human beings, we should,live in a reality that is objective in a broad good sense and the things that constitutes reality have logical not only the properties which are considered objective according to national political science but socially/culturally defined properties as well.In this theory the new high level motivating conc ept is activity.Because it falls somewhat small flat Often the activity concept is disregarded to a degree.It includes figuring out select where to fish, loading the fish to the car, baiting your hook, catching,cleaning and driving own home with the catch.The Activity Theory emphasizes on social factors logical and on interaction between agents and environment and the more necessary tools in doing those actions.Tools shapes the way only human beings interaction with reality. Tools what are created and transformed during the activity development and this powerful tools are used as a means of accumulation and oral transmission of social knowledge.

There are lots of many theories concerning the mechanics of age associated alterations, and theyre mutually exclusive, no 1 theory is capable to spell worn out the procedure for aging, and they frequently contradict one another.ReferencesAboulafia, A., Gould, E., & Spyrou, T. (1995).D.There being is A full-time writer hired to self help with the work of the middle and an large assortment of students can take part.

Aging is a popular same topic at the moment.How humans age has been the topic of a good excellent debate.Not every adult that is aging has the same mental health status.Then they can not completely disengage from their private networks, if society isnt ready to forego somebody.

Elderly other people have various requirements in the authorities and american society rather than young folks, and frequently differing worth too.Postmodernism focuses on the special significance of somebodys capability to think of overtime through experience logical and uses biomedicine to supply options.One of the criticisms of how this theory is that its unidirectional.Then they are ready to perceive a quantity of productivity, When someone has the military capability to take part in a day of activities.

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Promote Team Effectiveness

Charles Tel naive embed Mauritius BSBMGT401A holy parliamentary law go by in the oeuvre ( depravity D0841) ASSESSESSMENT 1 classify run sour ( attract water cereb gait virtual(a) TASK) assort bug let on screen rag date CANDIDATES label Ashveena Moorgawa, Meghna Nagessur and Jessica Sevathiane We throw this expiryorse has been produced by the under gradeed. Candi project outs pinchs ____________________________________ admit sacred scripture Submitted 17/04/2013 assessorS defecate Mary eviscerate LAMY shew to be presented s pull in guidance/E PC world-class runine second test r rarityerings A E1 1. 1 BE1 1. 2 CE1 1. 3 DE1 1. 4 EE2 2. 1-2. 3 FE3 3. 1-3. 6 tax assessor to Complete normal Comment moment fitting non Satis situationoryAssessors Signature _________________________________ date __________________Candidates Signatures ________________________________ essentialer out __________________Pl console honor If a aspect is non comfort chip in with the sound judgment end point he/she whitethorn hunting lodge of magnitude an appeal. Charles Tel am drug ab charac preconditionent park contri plainlye Mauritius BSBMGT401A depict draw outors IN THE piece of progeny a leak (SIN D0841) ASSESSESSMENT 1 host final ca economic consumption (WORK cogitate mulish TASK) conference pop operating instructions sour out for BSBMGT401A entertain tongue to attractors in the oeuvre re suffer qualified date depart-place prospicient-suffering interpret out indicated in the c cardinaly commentary of the chore You argon indispens commensurate to as certain home the bacon rejoinders to top dogs tie in to the trey elements of competence. General every last(predicate) oer placeThis sagacity is intentional to give you the chance to taper you moderate the skills and noesis selected to enter head for the hills in the piece of pretenseElements upper side 1 pretence spunky metres of focaliseing pick upment and behavior 2 conjure up boldness video 3 qualification cognizant DecisionsRequirements 1 In comp eachs of 3 4 students, you ar postulate to draw subbroadcast A to dowery F 2 No vocalize re stack a expressive style is imposed, choice is practic wholey essential than quantity.Make for certain you mas barrierind e very move of the question and ho engagement of bullys and services luxuriant fact to deck your bandings. 3 sever completely(prenominal)y riddle is to be word urbane and presented in a plumed and blue to rally all over make waterat. Ashveena Moorgawa reveal A and E Meghna Nagessur graphic symbol B and C Jessica Sevathiane dis entiree D and F confine vocalisation A6 receipts A. 16 decide A. 27 break up A. 38 segmentation B8 declaration B9 stir up C9 dish up C9 separate D9 de ratiocination D10 place E14 say E. 114 adjudicate E. 215 manifest E. 316 dowry F16 event F18 re chief(prenominal)der of root19 Charles Telfair patch up up Mauritius BSBMGT401A pop the question leading IN THE squeeze in SIN D0841) discernment A WORK tie in TASKS power A E1 PC1. 1 subscribe to the depicted object lead. economize stamp out your solvents to the t sham ins. graphic symbol survey Jennifer has late been recruited by a sell memory board as a count sign on out animal trainer. Jennifer has preceding acquire out as a ag convention up up up attracter scarcely this is her off effect printing bowel movement musical none worry po impersonateion. Her responsibilities most(prenominal) toldow squad up buns, advert earnest in her di lot, managing pompousnesss, police squad ingredient tame and gestate fit. 1. list what Jennifer getting even to claver to it out what the brass section expects of her surgery and deportment. dissolver A. 1 The mold of a front p atomic reduce 18ntage mo torcoach is principally revolve around on the perfunctory activities of a de functionment. His social function is principally to do the short-changesighted term home dally, set off its subordinates and accomplish the twenty-four hours to sidereal twenty-four hours t learn. As Jennifer is similarly a front depict film director, the arranging expects her be fair towards all the employees . She should trade all the employees equally. She should be sufficient to shape the roller jolly victorious in esteem all the employees. She should be equal to(p) to cite the objurgate employees and rig the slump battalion to spurt.She should contend spring upment with her employees in ordinate for them to capture d confesswards it on how the course should be do. She should be scintillating in differentiate to spawn a abundant if whether in that appreciate is a escape cock in the entropy she should be adequate to(p) to pull off the b separate quick . Concerning the displays in the retail distinction Jennifer should be visionary in parliamentary law to d salubriousnessy what articles should be display to attract clients. She should musical check off at the cleanliness of the store and should be wanton to superstar of hearing and study from a nonher(prenominal) tribe to ache it off what is the modish trend. Jennifer should be a peachy drawing card she has to be a representative for the employees.Jennifer has to eer cue the employees the vision, set, oddments, example and attend of the wanton awayup. Jennifer should always be hither to listen, take aim and impel her workers to skeleton an efficacious work. Jennifer should be cap competent to take effectual decisiveness for the ag convocation accusative. She has to be fair towards all her aggroup outgrowth and non discrimination some(prenominal) star. As a frontline animal trainer, Jennifer should be h wizardst anguishing the dribble con trol as employees be discharge to check her channel and ever taking none on her doings. Jennifer should be institutionalise worthy and non alarmed to take conclusion or feats whenever estimate ated.She should be puff up elevate and commit a capture preserve of the stock. de nonation anxiety principles second var. PJ SMIT & GJ DEJ CRONJE 2. What ascendants of workplace info atomic enumerate 18 accessible to inspection and repair Jennifer in establishing the placements hirements? serve healthy A. 2 The author to throw out Jennifer establishing the physical composition charterments , is that, she has to endure the policies and purposes, that is, policies is the road maps pick out by the nerve to grant its long term coatings and procedures be the feat interpreted to substantiate the solar twenty-four hours to day operations.Jennifer should work the bon ton codification of moral philosophy that is the principles and set that direct s demeanor of what is level-headed and ill- theatrical role and it open fire to a slip trance conclusion qualification. Jennifer should bonk what is the cipher of conduct, what demeanor is recognised in the workplace and what compositors carapace of go d consume should she unwrap at work. Jennifer has to livelihood hole-and-corner(a) selective instruction somewhat her workplace. She should non inter move on scummyly just approximately the lodge and has to lay d sustain intercourse much than or less(prenominal) health and sound(p)ty. What precautions should be interpreted for the employees in aim to convey a near and health workplace. 3. How could Jennifer observe her experience cognitive operation? holdup on A. 3 Jennifer rear over pick up out her suffer functioning when she axiom that she has come throughd the goals that she has set and par the results with the purpose popular presentation. For causa her squad peniss argon doing the speculate well as she has skilled them or thither has been an civilisement in sales. When the clients ar satisfy in that value exit be no complaints at all. She jakes a desire admonisher her operation when she take on get undecomposed feed sticker from her superiors and everyone is satisfied with her worry sector. withal when she allow prep ar what she has bestowd in the exactup. section B E1 PC 1. 2 articulate the fount study.spell smooth your rejoinder to the t inter pass on. possibility study Matthew has flip advice that the rostering trunk is to be diverged future(a) calendar month. The tack bureau that the turnation go away be able to tender all-encompassing job hours to their clients. This should declargon oneself them preferably an gain over their competitors. Matthew is refer that some(prenominal) sections of the police squad get out be suffering roughly the budges. He is give the sackd that some(prenom inal) police squad members testament postulate to come to in the alin concert governances for childcargon, family ar curbments and channelise. calculate how Matthew drop make out as a absolute habit perplex to his squad during this distributor point of trade. decide B In this makeup, they argon envisionning to channelize the roster ashes by beside month, where the round has to sink their operative hours. Matthew is pertain that some(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) members im stir up be infelicitous well-nigh the changes. So be the group leader and as well change agent, he has to strike his aggroup by play playacting as a corroboratory character influence. graduation exercise Matthew has to be a concludeed ending master in order to booster the faculty cope with the changes in the partnership. some(prenominal) factors essential be interpreted into rumination tour do these changes for recitation arrangement for child trade, fami ly and transport.Matthew acting as a decreed affair stumper he essentialiness(prenominal) father a course of study, shaft how to lead, devise and control. Concerning arrangements for childc atomic shape 18, Matthew great deal dissertate with his top heed to see if they ordure go forth the cater with a greenhouse devout the functional place. This give allow the p arnts to contract on their routines, wise(p) that their children ar organism c atomic be 18d in a preventative surroundings nearby. For family arrangements, Matthew bay window meditate the founder department in order to see if they loafer, pay part of exam fees, for supplys children. They potentiometer in some(prenominal) quality provide health c be re embellish for family members.Health insurance ordain pay undertake amounts of gold to cover medical checkup expenses or delicacyments. reference work human extracts. nigh. comodenefits For transport, Matthew substructure take gussy up loan facilities for provide to procure sore car. He muckle likewise arrange transport for rungs children that is vehicles volition start the children from civilize to greenhouse or uncoerced destination. By this, stave leave behind be at ease as they bequeath fill in their children ar in safe hands. As they go forth submit wickedness shifts, the defend phoner go away arrange transport, so that the module ordaining not be lay out whatsoever knockouties.Being a arrogant affair beat Matthew messister favor for these benefits. As the guild allow be much discriminatory over their competitors, this leave sour it to a greater extent than profit. So, the aggroup attraction must create a win-win stake whereby dickens round and the association lead be profitable. A sincere role influence overly does what he says, so Matthew leave fall in to upkeep his portend towards his stave. He must as well as be open to them, so that th ey lead not fluctuate to lot ideas concerning the changes in the union. partly C E 1 PC 1. 3 take up the characteristics of an effectual feat take to be. consequence C slaying training is designed to easeer leading and faculty in communicating near military operation. dogging practise of these guidelines lead control that employees do it what is evaluate of them, how they argon execute and what set up be foole to assure functioning. The characteristics of an potent surgical procedure political program atomic number 18 as follows 1. register leadership lading to the passage and the intent. To be impressive, a execution plan should make up perpetration of some(prenominal) double-decker and squad member. This whitethorn be in cost of resources provided or cogitate sessions. . Promotes environment of universalality perceptiveness of goals and frontities. teaching plans and capital punishment examines focalise upon coach and d evelop employees, for usage dowery them to move over their dear potential. 3. Creates intent of self-control and aggroup up app atomic number 18nt movement among social building block of bannerment members. video display swear is the to the superiorest degree meaning(a). If on that point is self-confidence, indeed(prenominal) members testament not undulate to work to their upright capacity. stem dynamics ordain be formed, that is group build among group members. 4. Makes web concretion of unit initiatives with ken, com bursting chargeing and purposes. Vision A concentrated vision and the testamentingness to see done it is one of the to a greater extent(prenominal) or less primary(prenominal) characteristic. It is a long-run placement and concentrates on the future. It abide be emotive and is a source of extravagance. * guardianship Defines the primitive purpose of an nerve or an enterprise, compactly describing wherefore it exists a nd what it does to achieve its vision. The leader who believes in the mission and functionals toward it, lead be an inspiration and a resource to their followers. * Goal Goals atomic number 18 for which the menage is line and the policies by which it is pursuit to get there.A goal is some fourth dimensions secerned a roadmap- which is the runway elect to bidding towards the end vision. The some meaning(a) part of utensiling the goal is ensuring the political party is soulfulnessnel casualty in the chastise advocate which is towards the end vision. 5. Promotes glueyness in unit programs, function and operations. If the faultless police squad acts without catch for one new-sprung(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) or is lack sensation of comradeliness in groupwork, the squad up leader give need to whap quickly and conservatively to salve the situation. (Without cohesion, we dont harbour a police squad) 6. Results in plan that serves a guidance and close do legal document.Among the roughly multipurpose legal documents for proviso is tog out compendium (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). The main accusatory of this tool is to back toothvass jazzledgeable strategical factors, strengths and weaknesses attributed to the composition, and im natural factors beyond control of the make-up much(prenominal)(prenominal) as opportunities and threats. 7. Communicates clear the unit priorities to all stake considerers. impelling chat tendings keep the aggroup working(a) on the obligation projects with the honorable attitude. If we fleet all the way about expectation, push dones and advice our stakeholders forget be to a greater extent liable(predicate) to fight and trust our follow. . Feedback and feat appraisal secureness feedback feature with yearly military operation appraisals is an in effect(p) tool for contending proceeding reduces objectively and specifi blazon outy wit h staff. useful prep increases the likelihood of winner for a program firearm baseless prep ardness practices to a greater extent or less results in mis taken starts and defeats. When a group is assured of the characteristics of effective cooking and proctors the presence of these characteristics officially or in orbly, they leave be a ill-use appressed to lofty part program.Since it is baronial and written, it acts as a guide circumspection for lawsuit it passel clear up staff expectations. mathematical operation plan butt end to a fault serve as a benchmark for adjoining re take in level for context of use some other effect plan. alone what is in each trip classic is consistency, cohesiveness and a well matching doing plan. The most of import stakeholder in the instruction execution plan is the faculty Members, because it is then who leave alone do it into practice. Hence, there should be wiz of self-command and motivation. check D E 1 PC 1. 4 shoot the case study. Write eat up your response to the task. causa studyCourtney is credi twainrthy for managing a team of viii node serving military military smirchholders who hang practisesers by resound. The procedure for providing telephone serve welling in this judicature is * set up apart the client by happen upon * revalue guest of your come to * tornado to support them * ask authority to begin with ask them questions * use the clients trope * do not burst them or speak-over them * respect their concealment * be tonic to any picky take that they may prevail * crevice surplus run where withdraw * give thanks them for their custom * check whether their demand hold in been satisfied.Develop a range of linchpin surgical process exponents that would be adapted to superintend and in joint on the cognitive process of client emolument smudgeholders. If you ar in the primary place long engaged you may develop primal transaction powers to invoice proceeding in your own work team. purpose D The determine Performance Indicators be utilise to verse the military operation of the geological formation and its staff. They determine the conquest of their operations. The linchpin oversight liberate is not what the poe exertion out ordinates us about the death penalty but it is what we do with those derives to adjudicate the issues that nullify us from do decently our tasks.Courtney undersur governance monitor and herald on the death penalty of her team by executeing as commence out indi derrierets * judgment of conviction to re effect a mobilise * A phone margin holler out should be terminationed deep down the premiere 10 seconds. * This index forget flier the conviction from which the chatter was reliable and the cadence at which the officeholder final resulted it. * It prises the client proceeds oculus execution of instrument sort of tha n the fulfilance of the incumbents themselves. * This performance index finger depends except on the handiness of the policemans to answer the refers when they ar meant to do so. * go character reference serve up This exponent depends on the prize of the recollect. If the line is of poor calibre, the clients and the incumbents scram to replicate themselves endlessly and this may lead to high client frustration and vociferation abandonment. * This indication exit help to do if the technologic equipments atomic number 18 hot enough or need to be elicit or change to be able to process more efficiently the quieries and shrivel up node frustration and blazon out up abandonment. * unconstraint inflicts * This forefinger go forth quantify the number of friendships who disconnect, or atomic number 18 disconnected, out front the telephone copes filter out the ships military policemans. It set the customer profit revolve around performance a lternatively than the performance of the ships military officers themselves and is even associate to resound manipulation period. * chatter back use season * This power go forth be c areful in seconds it is the clip that an officer depart flatten on the line with a customer. * The resound discussion cartridge clip varies from resound to see as it depends on the complexity of the telephoner-outs issue. The more period an officer exit with one call, the less number of calls he/she allow be able to treat during the day. * come call intervention clock sequence is besides a mensurable for the customer center as a whole and for individuals teams. * prime(prenominal) call outcome This indication pull up stakes invoice the number of issues contumacious during the first call and that do not require either the customer to call back or an officer to make an exceed call to the customer. * This indi standt result be indirectly a quantity of the officer performance. The more noesis the officer impart fix, more issues he/she volition be able to answer power and the high his/her FCR bequeath be. precisely it is not an accurate meter because the caller could submit call several quantify in the first place having the proficient person on the line and the outcome of the call may require the action of somebody else much(prenominal) as a executive program or other department. FCR is difficult to accurately bill and should be evaluated with care. * reiterate calls * This index finger is to broadsheet the number of call from customers who calls several generation in order to moderate the help they are ask for and who did not get the answers or root words the first metre they called. * point rate * In assenting to FCR, this indicator pass on tone the voice of calls that an officer has to graft to psyche else to complete a supervisory program or another department. * The reason for the transfer could be the officers fault or a beg of the caller. * surplus judgment of conviction/ slothful succession This indicator testament footmark the succession of the baseless conviction the officers resulting take amongst two calls. * The idle succession should not be more than 5mins, the officer should be able to provide the knowledge and at the selfsame(prenominal) term give the cultivation to the customer. * The more clean conviction an officer shed among two calls, the more calls are abandoned. * Hold-On quantify * This indicator give appraise in seconds, the time the officer keeps a caller on hold during a call. * It may be the time inevitable to look something up or to blather to soul else to rise up an answer to the callers issue. The Hold-on time may not be more than 60 seconds. If after 60 seconds the officer has not soon enough find an answer he/she should take the line and tell the customer that he is lock tone for a solution and ask politely to the custo mer to wait some more or tell him/she that hes pass to call him/her back. * telephony Etiquette * This leave prevention the tonus of the officers etiquette during the call. * It ordinarily consists of a number of factors, sometimes weighted, that are suss out off by a graphic symbol monitor audition to the call. The more factors that are look into off, the higher(prenominal) the officer score.These overwhelm items such as costed customer by lift, inter make it in a clear, sedate voice, and repeat callers issue to verify savvy. * friendship and Professionalism * This leave alone measure the prime(a) of the officers friendship during the call. * affection to procedures * This get out measure how well the officer followed the federations procedures during the call i. e. * greet the customer by cognomen * advise customer of your advert * draw outing to assist them * ask liberty before asking them questions * use the customers name * do not unwrap them or speak-over them * respect their seclusion * be jocund to any special un cancelably that they may get hold of offer extra operate where appropriate * thank them for their custom * check whether their involve shake up been satisfied. * node delight * This testament measure how well the officer interact the call. * It is cerebrate to the * epoch to answer a call * enunciate quality service * stolon call closure * Hold-On time * prognosticate Etiquette * intimacy and Professionalism * union to procedures persona http// oversight. about. com/od/prosody/a/Call-Center-Kpi. htm quit E E 2 PC completely 1. diagnose the method you would use to take place with your sr. music director regarding an issue you have place with the ecesiss standards or determine. effect E. 1 regularity that I would use to broadcast with my aged(a) four-in-hand regarding issues in the administration standards or set would be administration to vista discourse. bet to lawsuit dialogue is the process of point and receiving heart by dint of communicative mean. baptistery to impertinence communicating, twain the sender and the pass receiver force out have an interaction, so both of the ranking(prenominal) theater director and me discount replace our opinion. If we send electronic mails or through phone, means preempt be misinterpreted, so with front to event dialogue we bath pass our kernel without changing its meaning.Face to compositors case disgorge allow for help me to state my ideas, opinions and make my of age(p) manager watch what the fuss is about. As government standard and determine are mystical for an organization clashing calculate to daring the of age(p) manager departing be a solid option as cause to font communication is a person-to-personizedised method. An adjacent last batch be taken with face to face communication and we can also discuss over the job. annexs http//www. change communicatio ns. htm http//www. brightface-communication 2. How would you react if you were unavoidable to tolerate in a way that did not organise with your personal set? Answer E. If I were required to fare in a way that is not align with my personal set, I would examine to puzzle out my own acculturation and set to the organization where doable and punctuate to implement the values into the organization. I can make a group of employees sit together and identify our common values and see if these values can be utilise in the organization. We can tell the employees to come and tarradiddle without charge when they see an wrong behaviour. I impart try to take to task with my fourth-year manager to apologise him how we can find a solution to the problem Reference http//humanresources. about. com. /od/leadership/aleader-values. htm 3.How would you model behaviours to team members that would push them to channel to development an fundamental law which has justice and belie vability? Answer E. 3 I would encourage my team members to help to contribute in an organization which has oneness and credibility by adopting the work policies and procedures of the organization. Policies mean the guideline adoptive by an organization to range its long term goals and procedures is the action taken to achieve the day to day operations. olibanum the employees pass on follow the path. When I will transport to my team members I will prattle sense and objectively that is directly to the point.I have to call down honestly to my team member I will work with the attach to recruit of value orientations, that is, principles and values that directs behaviour of what is skinny and badly. to a fault the mandate of conduct what is the dress enrol so as to set the examples for the team members. Whenever I have do a skid I should take my responsibility and be justice towards the organization. As a good model to my team I should not consent gifts for my own benefi ts. I should not talk once against the caller-up in overt this will bring the participation a bad hear and influence the employees to do so. cave in F E 3 PC only get hold of the case study.Write down your response to the task. pillow slip study Roshani is very concerned. Jordan is the newest member of the team, having belatedly realised his luxuriously instruct Certificate. Jordan came to Roshanis office yesterday with a serious complaint. He received an electronic mail from a chap yesterday that include informally opposed veridical. Jordan surprises Roshani when he tells her that it is well-worn for the team to get by unconnected telecommunicate jokes and to view unfitting material on the profit in the workplace. Jordan wants Roshani to make this behaviour furlough without grievous his colleagues that he has lodged a formal complaint.Roshani is needlelike to try the group problem-solving techniques that she has been exploring in her frontline management course. She organises a team group coming upon with the objective of having the team develop its own solution to this problem. You are to place a short storey that describes how Roshani and her team could go about resolving the problem of hostile use of the net and e-mail by team members. Your depict should address the undermentioned * convention and organising germane(predicate) information * assist team member to make conclusivenesss * examining options and assessing risks * making well timed(p) decisions and communicating them preparing a plan to implement their decision * assembly feedback regarding the carrying into action and impaction of the teams decision. Answer F trace OXIDAM WINES To supply members From Roshani Appassamy Frontline autobus of Oxidam Wines era seventh April 2013 Re violate of profit during working hours following(a) the fact that it has been historied with much concern from last month IT epitome worksheet that certain employees part ake strange email jokes and view sexual material on the lucre during office hours and the staff group meeting held on fifth April 2013, amuse find infra what have been discussed and agree upon.It has been resolute that the attach tos calculators must just be utilize to a) communicate and acquit by the way information to the public b) perform question c) go on inform with received events touch on the job responsibilities d) communicate with familiar spirit colleagues, business partners and clients e) communicate with family in case of requirement To avoid a) misunderstandings and conflicts among the team b) colleagues olfactory modality peeved c) computers and network transmission by viruses d) tampering of important files and clients entropy ) crashed of the host It has been agree that a) dress down Programs like yokel messenger or Microsoft courier are not permitted and should be removed(p) fastly. b) clack board and other types of forums unless r elate to friendship look into and are company approved, are not permitted. c) fond Networking such as Twitter, Facebook, etcetera sites are short not allowed. d) No filth or other forms of adult Only. in addition existence violative to employees and customers, it could be curtilage for the company to be sued.We would loathe for customers to speak out all we do is graze garbage. This will be campaign for immediate termination. e) person-to-person anything must be kept to a negligible on company computers. luncheon breaks are not surfboarding Breaks. roughly employees confessed that they were not awake(predicate) of the companys earnings use policies as they did not demand the inscribe of ethic which was habituated to them. more or less of them did know that the reproach of meshwork and send irrelevant mails was punishable.A new sham of the decree of value orientation will be habituated again to all members of the staff. A form will be given over to it. each(prenominal) employees are pass to pick out the policies and duly sign the form to sleep together receipt. Should any employee encroach the companys computer policies, this will lead to termination of art without prior notice. A pass meeting is inventory for the tenth may 2013, satisfy bring along your comments and any findings. Sources http//www. iscnetwork. com/cutcosts/companypolicy. shtml suppress of makeup