Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Hollywood’s Negative Impact on Americans’ Body Image

The problem with this is that it is negatively effecting people and their views Of their self-worth. The negativity that Hollywood is pushing on body image greatly affects women in their teens as well as older women. The pressure to look just as beautiful as Hollywood stars is greatly detrimental to mental and physical health. For example there are disorders that are directly involved in the damage to the human body such as anorexia and bulimia. Both of which are disorders that are directly related to the way one sees oneself.In an age where image is everything, natural beauty is a thing that is narrowly promoted. This frame of mind is damaging and is changing the way people perceive beauty. Beauty is no longer modeled after natural body images, but is modeled after tan and toned supermodels with perfect hair and perfect skin. The reality is that not everybody fits this type of beauty. There is not only one form of beauty. Hollywood is guilty for its stars to have an army of makeup a rtists, hairstylists, wardrobe stylists and personal assistants that insure the star look as perfect as possible at all times.This gives the general public false ideals of what beauty is. Not everybody has an army of people around them constantly to ensure they always look perfect. This is one of the key factors that leads young people into believing a false definition of beauty. The front page of nearly every magazine contains the edited pictures of stars that hardly looks like their true selves. Again, overly traumatizing what the idea of beauty is. Instead of promoting these same liberties in a more natural way, they are depicted as a form of perfection that is highly unrealistic.This in turn promoting perfection instead of individual beauty. This is a continuous problem for America's societies because it forges unrealistic expectations of what people should look like. These expectations also push people into drastic measures. People have been resulting to extreme dieting to look skinnier or paying to have plastic surgery done. This problem also creates other problems such as stereotypes and not socially excepting people just because they are not attractive.

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