Monday, July 22, 2019

To identify these chemicals Essay Example for Free

To identify these chemicals Essay Problem: you are provided with 3 unknown chemicals which are labelled A, B, C, D and E. Carry out appropriate test to identify the chemicals. Method: to identify these chemicals I will carry out two types of test: Flame test and chemical test. Flame test:   To carry out the flame test I will dip the metal wire in the roaring Bunsen flame.   Then I dipped the wire in hydrochloric acid   Next I placed it into the sample and then I placed it into the roaring Bunsen Flame. After I recorded the colour of the flame Safety:   I wore goggles to protect my eyes from acid (hydrochloric acid is corrosive)   When I was not using the Bunsen burner, I put it on safety flame   I also used small amounts of acid and have a safety mat Test for cat ion: Chemical Flame colour Cat ion A Yellow Na+ B Lilac K+ C Green Cu2+ Test for an ion: Substance Test observation Sodium chloride Add Dilute hydrochloric acid It fizzes and carbon dioxide gas is produced. Copper carbonate Add Acidified silver nitrate White precipitate Potassium sulphate I added Acidified barium chloride solution White precipitate Evaluation: Flame test and chemical test tell us which chemicals are present. This is called a qualitative analysis. In industry, it is also very important to know how much of the chemical is present. The difference between my tests and the tests carried out in the industry is that they find the amount as well as the type of chemical.

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