Friday, October 18, 2019

Journal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 17

Journal - Assignment Example As a function of analyzing this dynamic, the following discussion will focus specifically upon two distinct minorities: African-Americans and Japanese Americans. With respect to African-Americans, not a great deal of benefit was achieved on their part as a result of the United States involvement in the Second World War. For the most part, racism, segregation, and the enforcement of Jim Crow laws within the South remained largely unabated. Faragher points out that the social norms and racial disparaties experienced by African Americans, specifically in the South, did not alter greatly as a result of WWII (Faragher, 691). However, it is also fair to note that many African-Americans were able to engage with the workforce in a manner that they had previously been unable to do. For instance, the high demand for labor and the production of war material created a need for all able-bodied employees to land their services to this effort. As such, African-Americans that had previously been passed over for factory jobs or production jobs were hired and began to learn valuable skills that were utilized once the Second World War concluded. In such a way, African-Americans indirectly benefited from the overall level of training and engagement in the workforce that the Second World War was able to provide. However, by means of comparison and contrast, their participation in combat was still segregated as compared to white soldiers and they were deemed as inherently less valuable by almost each and every military leader (Best 203). Likewise, in terms of the overall impact of the Second World War on Japanese Americans, the analyst should necessarily consider the fact that this particular conflict drastically reduced their standing within American society. It further partially destroyed their civil rights, and ultimately set this

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