Tuesday, September 24, 2019

OLS Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

OLS - Case Study Example According to Carrel et al (1995), organisations should always consider ethics and values since they are primarily concerned with upholding the principles of honesty and truthfulness in the company’s endeavour to satisfy the needs of the customers. Ethics are very important because strategic operations in an organisation that are premised on lies are bound to fail as they would be doubtful in the eyes of the potential customers. 2) Leadership can be defined as the ability by an individual to influence the other people in an organisation to follow a course of action that is specifically designed to achieve the goals of the organisation. Leadership is primarily involved in the attainment of the vision of the organisation. Leadership in an organisation is very important since it focuses on the attainment of organisational goals. 3) A service can be defined as an offering that is intangible but able to satisfy the needs of the consumers. A service is exchanged for something valuable such as money or any other kind of payment. This definition is very important in the understanding of decision making since it affects the quality of services offered by an organisation as well as the general service delivery 4) Character can be defined as the personal attributes that form and shape the behaviour of an individual person. Whilst character is something that is in born, it can as well be noted that it can as well be influenced by external forces. This definition is very important in the knowledge of decision making as it is enlightening about how an individual person can conduct himself. a) Prejudicial employment practices posit to the effect that organisations should not discriminate the other employees on the basis of race, gender, age, physical ability as well as religion among others (Carrel et al 1995). The most

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