Monday, September 23, 2019

A report on the care programme approach (CPA) within NHS Essay

A report on the care programme approach (CPA) within NHS - Essay Example The scope of this report is to appraise relevant Government initiatives in taking healthcare policies forward, with particular reference to the CPA to serve as a basis for improved service planning for the future. The Government in 1999, brought out a document named â€Å"Effective co-ordination in Mental Health Services: A policy booklet modernising the Care Programme Approach.† One of the observations made this is that â€Å"Mental illness places demands on services that no one discipline or agency can meet alone.† (2) This led to recognition of the need for a system to effectively co-ordinate health, social care and related services â€Å"to work in harmony to the benefit of the service user.† (2 ibid) A major milestone that accelerated the pace of integrated health care service delivery was the issue of a White paper named â€Å"Our health, our care, our say: a new direction for community services,† (3) in January 2006. This White paper sets the baseline for healthcare services in the country for the future. This report aims to bring out an appraisal on the implementation of strategies, objectives and goals relating to healthcare underpinned in various Government initiatives to make the CPA for mental health services more result oriented. This aim is accomplished through a critical study of documents released by the Government from time to time, on implementation of the policies and programmes and on monitoring these and accomplishments reported. The findings include understanding of the policies initiated in 1991 through significant reforms brought out on the CPA since 1999, taking forward the initial policies, formulation of National standards on mental health and various other reforms that influenced the healthcare Sector as a whole. Documents researched particularly include reviews of the progress and effectiveness of the policies programmes and initiatives and improvements accomplished. People of working age have a mental health

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