Monday, September 9, 2019

Human Resource Development and Management D5-8 Essay

Human Resource Development and Management D5-8 - Essay Example There are a number of training models which an organization can make use of. One of these is The Systems Approach to Training (SAT) which includes different stages including need analysis, course design, delivery and evaluation or quality assurance. The environment during the implementation of this training should be supportive on part of the human resource department. The human resource departments should manage and assist the employees during all the stages of this model. Most of the employees find it difficult to adjust to changes in the workplace and therefore, in order to help them get accustomed to these changes, the management needs to provide full support to them during this process (Jay Forte, 2011). As far as the transfer environment is concerned, effective and efficient transfer of knowledge and skills should be done just before the employee has to practically implement them. This will help the employee retain and effectively use these skills taught during the training ses sions (Suzanna Simpson, n.d). a) Human Resource Planning and Training Model for Organizations Experiencing Change. (n.d.). Evan Carmichael. Retrieved February 4, 2013, from b) Create a workplace learning and training environment | Mindflash. (n.d.). Create Online Training | Online Training Software | Mindflash. Retrieved February 4, 2013, from 2. Performance appraisal is a management tool. As such, managers may use the power of the tool in various ways. For example, a manager may use overly positive performance ratings as a reward for someone who spearheaded a project for the manager. Likewise, a manager may use overly harsh ratings as punishment for someone who objected to a project the manager promoted. As a leader in an organization, what steps would y ou take to ensure that the performance appraisal system is fair to all employees? Substantiate your opinions by using outside sources. Performance appraisal is a system through which management evaluates the performance of the employees to find areas of further growth and improvement (Performance Appraisals, n.d). This system has a number of advantages and fulfills a number of objectives for the organization including increased motivation and job satisfaction of the workers. It is a program through which manager`s expectations are communicated to the employees and their ratings are then measured. However, managers are sometimes biased towards some employees due to the recent job performances. Therefore, it should be made sure that the performance appraisals are carried out in an equitable and fair way. In order to ensure a fair and equitable system, an organization should use a multi source assessment method to prevent any biases on part of the raters evaluating the employees. The r aters should be given proper training so that they do not take out personal grudges or favor some employees. For equitable assessment, managers should relate performance appraisals to employee goals and evaluate the performance of employees based on specific criteria. This will help the managers prevent judgments based on personal biases (Can appraisal process be fair, n.d). a) Can performance

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