Sunday, September 8, 2019

Call For Further Research To Enhance Organizational Behavior Theory Essay

Call For Further Research To Enhance Organizational Behavior Theory - Essay Example Nowadays, the organization is the principal form of employment for people around the world, and under scrutiny from all quarters. The twenty first century began with a great deal of excitement especially as the innovatory technologies of the twentieth century started to appear commonplace and every organization had already been supplied with tools through academic research to deal with additional massive organizational changes in the offing. The discipline of organizational behavior had been through its trials and tests, finally emerging as an indispensable area of learning for all twenty first century managers to have gone through. Arthur P. Brief and Howard M. Weiss (2002) describe this relatively new field of applied psychology thus: Organizations act as the engine of the world economy in our day. So, for the first time in the previous century, the psychology of workers in an organization became a focal issue in studying organizations. Employee development, organizational citizenship, organizational attachment, work attitudes, job design, turnover, leadership, absenteeism, and employee work motivation turned out to be the centers of attention with advances in psychological theory and changes in the workplace (Mowday and Sutton 1993). Developments in the understanding of personality, emotion, and cognition, and their influence on work choices and goal striving were thoroughly investigated. The entire human resources departments world over were revolutionized at the same time as economic, technological and organizational changes encouraged further research on the influence of sociocultural and environmental factors on motivation. The emergence of new theories, paradigms, and organizational concerns not only provid ed a rich matrix for the study of organizational behavior, but also provided firms with a rather attractive framework for organizational behavior modification, and in general, the art of running a firm with reference to its people (Kanfer 2006). By the end of the twentieth century it was evident that we have a borderless, international economy (Hodgetts 1999). Organizations with multinational structures could more conveniently apply the standards described in organizational behavior theory and achieve well for themselves and their communities. An organization with international outreach meant that there were many other organizations in the same boat facing the world economy as the primary source of inspiration. Applying latest international research in organizational behavior was definitely easier and more lucrative for them, just as the use of latest developments in computer technology was made mandatory in these organizations before others.Organizational behavior experts in the twentieth century did not need to give attention to tremendous transformations about to affect the world economy beginning in the twenty first century. There was no way for them to predict the effects

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