Friday, February 14, 2020

GRADUATE LETTER FOR ADMISSION Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

GRADUATE LETTER FOR ADMISSION - Essay Example My interests in pursuing graduate studies had intensified during my practice as a supervisor of Hematology department in Alhada armed forces hospital in Saudi Arabia. I have realized the urgent need and demand for skilled technologists, at my work place and other laboratories in developing regions. I believe, by gaining more knowledge in Hematology and management skills, I would be of greater help in the laboratory medicine field worldwide, Saudi Arabia in particular. Besides updated skills in the early diagnosis of many blood related diseases such as anemia, leukemia etc; better management and leadership skills are very important in developing countries like Saudi Arabia. With the transition of most laboratories to acquire accreditation of the college of American Pathologists (CAP) and other regulatory agencies, the need for professional and comprehensive managerial capabilities in the developing countries are becoming crucial. This has triggered the need for more sophisticated knowledge in the updated laboratory methods, and quality control and quality assurance concepts. At my last job, I was able to adhere to the highest professional Laboratory standards, despite the fact that I was working under different working environment, tradition, and dress code. It was very interesting, challenging and great learning experience. In addition to background skills and knowledge in the medical laboratory science, my balanced personality, and open minded nature, made me successful supervisor. Some of my accomplishments include, constructing and updating hematology department’s procedure manuals, evaluation of new analyzers, organizing and passing successfully the bi annual inspection conducted by of the college of American pathologists (CAP) etc. Through my job, I have greatly improved my analytical ability and pressure management techniques. The process

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