Friday, November 8, 2019

Technology Headaches essays

Technology Headaches essays Have you ever been frustrated with your computer? Misplaced you cell phone? Or could not program a VCR? Well thanks to technology we have all these modern day convinces. Unfortunately the downside, to the fast pace world of technology, are the high stress levels and even more dangerous the growing dependences. Like most people I have had the urge to smash my computer with a bat, or throw it out a window. At one time or another everyone has the urge to beat their computer, for me it is more often than most. Although the computer is a great tool that allows us to do so many different thing such as chatting online, email, shopping, and researching, the thing it does best is frustrate us. Being a computer systems information major, I have trouble shot the many problems that can occur with computers. I know the pain one feels when losing that long important essay on the computer, or having a computer freeze while chatting or playing games, or the having the computer crash, and the one program that just will not work. Computer problems can be very stressful to many people, including myself. As many people deal with technology today it is all too easy to become stressed out. With each advance in technology, which is supposed to make life easier, our daily lives get slightly more complicated. Unfortunately, it cannot be escaped. Technology is becoming apart of our ever day lives. As computers are incorporated into your everyday lives one must be careful of the health problems. High stress can lead to high blood pressure, or long hours at the computer screen can cause eye strain, improper posture which can cause back problems, and even repetitive typing may lead to carpel tunnel syndrome. When working with computers or any technology one should take be patient and try not to stress out. Every so often take a break from the computer, step away stretch and get a breath of fresh air outside. ...

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