Monday, November 4, 2019

Helpful advice on how to write with style Essay

Helpful advice on how to write with style - Essay Example One can feel the heart-warming and invigorating fragrance in a rose garden, not in the garbage dump. Good literature emerges from noble language and feelings. Various factors influence the evolvement and development of a language. It influences the thought-processes of an individual. For example, the impact on the mind of a reader by reading Karl Marx will be different from reading the dramas by Shakespeare or by reading the love-poems of Keats! In addition, political and economic causes also contribute to the decline of a language. George Orwell (2004) in his essay Politics and the English Language, writes, â€Å"†¦.it is not due simply to the bad influence of this or that individual writer. But an effect can become a cause, reinforcing the original cause and producing the same effect in an intensified form, and so on indefinitely.† If the social conditions are bad, its influence on expressions of the people and language will also be bad. Thought processes of the individ uals needs to be refined for good thoughts to sprout. The wise saying goes—when the thoughts are changed, the mind is changed. When the Helpful†¦.2 mind changes for the better, it will generate better thoughts which in turn are the cause for producing good literature. Good style will flow automatically. Writing in style is the gift of God, intelligently cultivated. Hard work is the foundation for success in any area, and so is the case with good writing style. Some of the important points that contribute to writing in style are: 1. Avoid ugliness and repetition of the same feelings by using synonyms. 2. Write precisely, read the essay several times, and edit it constructively. Delete all the verbiage. 3. Do not say something the meaning of which is unclear to you. Your opinions need to be without ambiguity, for their clear expression. 4. The reader forms his opinion on the basis of your writing, not on the basis of what is in your mind. 5. Incompetence or incompleteness of the information tendered cannot be condoned. Research your facts well, before incorporating them in your essay. 6. Let the metaphors that you use create before your mind vibrant thought processes and a likeable visual image. Shun worn-out metaphors. 7. Remain strongly interested what you are saying and let it be the reflection of your true thought processes. Helpful†¦.3 8. Do not pervert the phrases, if the meaning is not clear to you. 9. Give preference to active voice. 10. Avoid slovenliness and vagueness. 11. Borrowing words from Greek or any language for the sake of style is a misconception. It doesn’t contribute to the enhancement of the writing style. 12. Let the sentences be stronger, shorter and clearer. They will be more effective. 13. Do not develop your writing style with the perspective of readers. Do not get confused with the pre-assessment as to what would be the opinion of the readers. When your teacher tells you to improve your style, he is not asking you to give up your original style; he only suggests improvements to make it more elegant and persuasive. 14. Proper communication of the ideas is important. Acquiring knowledge is fine, but not imitating other’s style. 15. Give your frank opinions, but when in doubt, be conservative. 16. Hold the attention of the readers by being just and equitable. 17. Filler words and common phrases may irritate the readers. This is as good as taking a circuitous route to reach the destination

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