Thursday, October 31, 2019

International business DISCUSSION Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 3

International business DISCUSSION - Essay Example While they are out, HR professionals should contemplate on how much the expatriates rely on them and the impact of their personal touch they have. Organizations should invest in global awareness training and educate employees who are involved in global operations at all levels. The HR should give achievable expectations and be clear about post-assignment obligations. The role of the HR professional is to make the expat understand what the assignment, he/she is going to undertake. Expatriates should get predeparture assistance and consultations for expats and their families. It will be a good practice if basic language skills and intercultural training be provided to the expatriates (Tyler 98). Providing good strategies for expatriates such as a reasonable budget and a selection of support services would be a good approach. It spends employers’ money intelligently, and their families would confide in the business as they think the company recognizes the challenges the families go through. HR professional ought to enable mentor relationships amongst expatriates and establish systems to give incentives to mentors. Carl says, "Some of the expats I worked with had terrible times coming back; there was nothing available to them" (2006). Getting an expatriate home safely is an important cause to the expatriate, his/her family and the sponsoring organization (Tyler 100). An expatriate will experience emotional and professional challenges that deter an unbroken return and can result to their resignation. HR professional(s) has a mandate to make the expats feel lucky to have their job at the

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