Saturday, October 5, 2019

Based on your understanding from the classes you have taken in the Essay

Based on your understanding from the classes you have taken in the interior design program, what values and contributions does the field of interior design offe - Essay Example During cold someone won’t prefer ice cream; instead he will look for a thing of another kind preferably coffee. That is what people want; to adjust with environment. Adjustment takes place in two basic steps: one is judgment where one tries to inspect the level of satisfaction by comparison and another is selection which comes into mind if first one directs to do so. Fashionable clothes, jewelries, rich food etc are common example of this. But what about shelter? All these luxurious wants go to slum if you don’t have place to take deep breath. After daily hard work when we return home, we look for peace, relaxation and happiness. It’s a place which refreshes our mind and gives us energy to face daily problems. So home also needs designing and proper arrangements with all facilities within that in order to bring ease and comfort in our life. This work can be beautifully done with help of interior designer. Nowadays Interior designer has more responsibilities, as e verybody has different needs and level of satisfaction; and he needs to satisfy customers’ thinking after maintaining his own constraints (budget, profit, house area etc...). Design is a term related to creativity. Interior design is a process to improve human interaction with the living environment. An interior designer is a qualified person who works on interior spaces to improve its quality and with a vision to enhance the lifestyle of human being, making it healthier and safer (Znoy, Jason A, 2004). It’s not about profession and revenues; but the art reflects to his personal life too as society is not a group of families rather individuals! One dominating factor comes and that is financial effort. One designer will do the work for mankind but a large class of people is not in a position to adopt it. Here comes the challenge. What’s that contribution where all are not getting the chance to feel pleasure? So, design must be flexible and easily acceptable. Nowadays People misunderstand

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