Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Magnetic Therapy As we continue to develop as a society, more and more people are looking for newer methods to help themselves become and stay healthy. One of the ways we have done this was to emulate remedies of the past. A good example of this would be the use of magnets. Magnets were used in early civilizations across the globe. The use of magnets has been found in medical journals of the early Chinese. The Ancient Greeks used magnetic rocks, lodestone, as a healing tool ( Up till today the popularity of magnets has grown tremendously. The idea of magnetic therapy has caught the interest of the public mainly because of its ability to treat pain without the use of drugs or the invasive techniques of surgery. How do they work? There have been many logical explanations as to how the magnets operate. One explanation for the success of magnetic therapy has been how they utilize the cell’s magnetic field. When a disease invades the body, it disrupts the magnetic fields causing them to become disoriented within the cells. Magnets help realign these fields causing them to be an important factor in counteracting the disease ( Magnets also increase blood circulation by attracting and repelling the charged particles within each cell. The improved circulation increases the amount of heat produced within the body and allows the rapid passage of nutrients and oxygen to the affected site, speeding up the healing process. ( The heat produced also helps reduce swelling in the affected areas of the body All the explanations hold nature as the foundation supporting the healing powers of magnets. They work with our body to induce natural healing without side effects, which might account for its growing popularity. Dr. H.L. Bansal points out that the body contains approximately 4-5 grams of iron; in the blood, in a part called hemoglobin, and in muscles, in a part called myoglobin. Using a magnet increases the movement of hemoglobin, which also accelerates blood flow. While the blood flow increases, deposits alongside blood vessels are decreased and eventually vanish. Making these deposits vanish causes blood to flow smoothly also decrease your risk for high blood pressure (http://home.

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