Monday, September 16, 2019

Critics of the immigration law Essay

The topic I have chosen is â€Å"Illegal Migration on the U. S. Border† since this is currently a significant issue as reflected by the heavy media coverage depicting the allegedly alarming rate by which the number of illegal immigrants has risen in the United States since 2004. The Washington Post, for instance, reports that approximately half a million immigrants have poured in last year, outnumbering the number of legal immigrants. (Cohn A13) The concern over illegal immigration has therefore drawn out varied responses and put immense pressure on the Government, including President Bush who is reported to be proposing granting temporary working visas to foreigners as part of the legal remedies to the situation apart from the proposed wall to be built in the borders between the U. S. and Mexico and heavy personnel enforcement in patrolling the borders. (BBC News) Its nearest neighbor, Mexico is logically the foremost source of both legal and illegal immigrants in the country. I have so far been able to check online sources of information such as the news networks mentioned above. I would like to peruse additional materials such as previous studies on the issue and other materials such as those printed by the advocates and critics of the immigration law in order to gain a deeper understanding of the topic mentioned. From my perspective, there is indeed a clear need to strictly enforce the immigration laws to address concerns on homeland security and other threats posed by illegal immigration, including the syndicate groups that have obviously been taking advantage of both the laxity of the State in patrolling its borders and the desperation of Mexicans and other nationals who are after the supposedly greener pastures offered by the United States. I therefore see no harm in the President’s proposal for the issuance of temporary work visas to immigrants. On the contrary, it would help make the monitoring easier for immigration officers and therefore also help control the influx of illegal immigrants in the country. Works Cited: Cohn, D’Vera. â€Å"Report Details Growth in Illegal Migration. † Washington Post. 28 Sept. 2005:A13 â€Å"Viewpoints: U. S. Illegal Migration. † 23 May 2006. BBC News Online. 1 July 2007.

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