Friday, September 27, 2019

Criminal Justice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 2

Criminal Justice - Essay Example Abu Dhabi has constantly suffered the effects of terrorism that have significantly impacted the social, economic and infrastructural settings across the nation. Over the past short period, the Abu Dhabi government has earned bad reputation, thanks to the continuous terror threats. This problem has made the nation to be classified with other nations facing security issues including, Iraq and Afghanistan. Such is the case that nations presently considered most unsafe keep hitting the media headlines on the negative side. It is for this reason that the law enforcement agencies within the Abu Dhabi government are forced to reconsider a new approach to the security issues. In this case, the government will be needed to implement a all-inclusive policy that will help handle the issue ensuring an environment that supports the socio-economic activities within the country, help restore peace and boost prosperity. As it is today, security issues, both internal and external present a serious is sue for countries across the globe, a case that is not much different with Abu Dhabi case. Social-political challenges are greatly heightened by the Crime-corruption. Ethnicity and sectarian division that are witnessed in many other parts of the world are also pronounced in Abu Dhabi. United Arab Emirates has in the recent past become associated with frequent uprising and rebellions, Abu Dhabi being one of the nations within the league it is no exception. Terrorism is the leading threat to the Abu Dhabi internal security. The issue is made even worse by the fact that it consist of a strong network in which the said terrorists collaborate with the drug cartels and criminal organizations to benefit economically. Following these the security department has worked out strategies to help strengthen the policies on foreign security and thus combat acts of terrorism. The interns working with this department help in

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