Thursday, September 12, 2019

Article project Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Project - Article Example The additional hiring of 80,000 workers last month is miniscule as this job gain only just keeps pace with population growth. The gain has done little to trim down the backlog of 14 million unemployed workers, avers the article. $787 billion stimulus package: The author has linked the failure of the stimulus package, announced by the U.S government at the peak of recession to the diminished chances of Barack Obama being reelected as the President of United States. 9% unemployment rate: The rate of unemployment in the United States has been hovering around the 9% mark for most part of this year now. The author compares the present rate of joblessness to the 4.6 % unemployment rate that was prevailing in the country a year before the recession began. The comparison illustrates that reaching the pre-recession glory is still a far cry for the United States. 39.4 weeks: Average time spent looking for a job: The article brings to light the difficult time the unemployed in the country are facing. The average time that an unemployed worker pounded the pavement touched 39.4 weeks in October, pretty close to the peak of 40.5 weeks recorded in September. The article suggests that the longer a person remains out of job, the more difficult it gets, for varied reasons, for that person to land a job. 34.3 hours: Average length of workweek: There has been no change in the length of the average workweek for a year now, reveals the article. The statistic remained at 34.3 hours in October as well. The author argues that companies invariably extend the workweek and make the present employees work longer before going in for fresh hiring. Therefore, a stagnant workweek does not bode well for job growth in the United States. The news article successfully integrates all information and apprises the reader why the threat of a double dip recession still looms large. There appears no bias in the article as it also refers to the positive indicators like

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