Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Database Dilemma Essays -- Computers Privacy Security Ethics Essay

The Database Dilemma Personal privacy today is a controversial and complex topic, which is influenced by a number of factors. There is an integral role that databases play in this highly debated topic. The fact that many people now carry out their transactions electronically is another important factor. There is also pressure on personal privacy for increased national security around the world to combat terrorism. In addition, personal privacy is even threatened by commercial factors and the Internet. Personal information can consist of anything from a home address, telephone number, social security number, income, credit card history, etc, any piece of information that can be tied to a distinct individual. Once personal information is lost it cannot be recovered. Some of this personal information can change such as your address or telephone numbers, but new information would easily be found. On the other hand, some of your information cannot be changed such as your social security number and credit card history. As you can see, personal information is a valuable asset that everyone has. This paper will explore the issues that affect personal privacy on a global scope in the current age of computing. BACKGROUND ON DATABASES In the following three subsections, I will provide background information about databases that will set the scene for why they are so important to the modern issue of personal privacy. I will provide a definition for what databases are, as well as where they are used, how they affect us, and the potential threat that databases pose to our personal privacy. What Are Databases? Databases are defined by Webopedia as â€Å"A collection of information organized in such a way that a computer program can... ...e, Robert. â€Å"National ID card – Electronic ID card becomes reality in Europe.† Novosec Aktlengesellschaft. 30 Sep. 2002. Poulsen, Kevin. â€Å"Record ‘National Security’ surveillance in 2000.† SecurityFocus. 2 May 2001 Quiddington, Peter. â€Å"Security vs. Privacy.† ABC Online, Australia. 4 Apr. 2003 Solove, Daniel J. â€Å"Privacy and Power: Computer Databases and Metaphors For Information Privacy.† Stanford Law Review. Jul. 2001 v53 i6 p 1393 Spinello, Richard A. â€Å"Frameworks for Ethical Analysis.† Chapter 2 of Ethical Aspect of Information Technology (Prentice Hall) 1 Jan. 1995 page 28 Trippe, Bill. â€Å"First, Do No Harm: Can Privacy and Advanced Information Technology Coexist?† EContent. Mar. 2003 v26 i3 p 38(5) Vencchiatto, Paul. â€Å"US or EU Model for SA privacy laws?.† ITWeb. Wearden, Graeme. â€Å"U.S. tech protests EU privacy laws.† ZDNet News. 30 Sep. 2002.

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