Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Programming software can be good for children Essay Example for Free

Programming software can be good for children Essay Programming software can be good for children with the correct guidance. Antonio Garcia Vicente at only six years old entered to the young programmers club of Valladolid University to learn how to create video games with the computer and mobile devices. He created his first video game at seven years old to help his classmate to improve their understanding of the classes. Maria Vicente, his mother, and software engineer explain that children, computers and mobile devices are meant to be misunderstood. \Children are capable of doing more things with computers and mobile devices but the elders believe that everything is very delicate, and it is, but children have more imagination and they are not afraid to try things.\ (Tosas, 2016). Due to the fact, there is evidence showing that using computers and mobile devices could be harmful to children who are 4-6 years old, the parents and educational institutions can teach the children how to use properly it, can improve their growth. Opponents said that children who are exposed more than ever to computers and mobile screens are more prone to addiction and depression. Even though specialists in psychology from the Childish Hospital Federico Gà ³mez at Mexico City explain that, these negative effects are avoidable by limiting the use of computers and mobile devices (Univision, 2015). It is necessary to balance the time spent with those devices with other activities important for their development such as physical exercise and social coexistence. Mark Baley, Director of the Pacific University Child Learning and Development Center describes how a 5-year-old child fascinated with the Titanic received an interactive CD-ROM with a large screen computer. As he piloted this virtual tour of the Titanic, friends who wanted to hear the story and see the pictures surrounded him. He had to use the mouse carefully and precisely to navigate this tour. His social skills and small motor skills began to show improvement over a cou ple of weeks (Naeyc, n.d). Opponents consider children between 4-6 years old who use computers and mobile devices at risk of potentially irreversible eye damage because of blue light emissions from those screens. Whereas these conditions can be treated and prevented with regular breaks and blinking, the hazards of accrued exposure to blue light are still relatively unknown. In 2014, a US study showed artificial retina cells grown in a laboratory were destroy when exposed to blue light (Ongaro, 2014). However, they were exposed directly to the blue light for many hours that is why they were destroy. This is because they don ´t have the natural blinking that children naturally have. The parents have to educate the children to make continuous blinking, take some breaks, do some exercises and look at distant objects for 10-30 seconds periodically, so that children can rest the muscles they use to see. In addition, the new technologies like the fast refresh rate, high resolution, automatic brightness and contrast are in favor of children ´s ocular health. Opponents argue that there is a struggle with obesity because sitting in a chair in front of a computer and mobile devices can trap children between 4-6 years old, without even thinking to go to the toilet. However, according to Health Awareness Community, the advancement of computers and mobile devices will make the next generation more active, not less (2016). With the advances in smart phone technologies and high accuracy GPS systems, there are entirely new fun physical activities for children. The Sworkit Kids mobile app virtual platform for free was born with the mission to turn physical exercise into a game by providing parents and kids with personalized activities focused on improving flexibility, strength, and agility. This app is to motivate children to play sports, is suitable for 4-6 years old, and encourages them to be entertained and motivated. It is evident that using computers and mobile devices on children between 4-6 years old could be unhealthy, but all those arguments are avoidable with the guidance of parents and educational institutions. Those technology devices will not disappear, the children have to be educated to optimize its use. The computers and mobile devices will not negatively affect the children ´s learning capacity if their parents limit the time spent on it and combine it with other activities. The computers and mobile devices now have better screens and children educated to blinking, take breaks and do some eye exercises after their use, so that they will not damage their eyes. With the mobile devices and its technology, children and their parents will be motivated to do some physical exercise to improve their flexibility, strength and agility.

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