Friday, August 2, 2019

Pleasantville Essay -- TV Shows Pleasantville Essays

Pleasantville If you think about it, today’s world is not such what we call â€Å"user-friendly† place. Unemployment, severe diseases, global droughts and other dreadful natural disasters that are about to happen to our lives. Even better, the more time passes, the more chances you get to face them in the future. But what the heck, everyone will eventually face all of those problems one day. Danger, devotion, abomination, curiosity, and alterations are always present in our lives. You might think that Pleasantville is pleasant. Well do I have some news for you: nope. The name â€Å"Pleasantville† is just a simple irony that’s all. In Pleasantville, everyone is so empty in their minds. For instance, every character always did the same thing over and over. It’s like everything falls into the right way that it should be. The basketball players always score, the wives are always cooking and taking good care of the husbands and children. Husbands are working, children are little precious angels who never get in any kind of trouble. No worries, no problems, just plain good stability. There is no wrong for them because everything was in sync. It would be really tough to adjust to that kind environment where everything becomes dull and unbearable. No color, no fire, nothing exciting except the way Bud made every shot to the basket without even trying to. No changes what’s so ever. As soon as the characters saw changes, everything was getting completely different....

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