Sunday, August 11, 2019

Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Management Essay - 14

Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Management - Essay Example This was followed by a close examination of the competition in London with restaurants with a similar theme of organic food serves. Analyzing the strategies and financial aspects followed by reviewing the success prospect of this business project. I also included the start up cost as well as the feasibility of funds According to a report; organic food Industry is growing internationally, its sales have grown 8% in 2010 globally and it is valued as pounds  £ 44.5 Billion. It has shown remarkable growth in the European and the US market and for future the prospect is positive ("soil association"). People in Europe are more concerned about consuming safe food. They are aware about the harmful affects of modified foods and hence the organic food market is the fastest growing filed in United Kingdom. People tend to choose organic food to compliment their living standard which has increased significantly in the recent years. UK sells Organic food and presently it the second highest sale in Europe. The most popular organic foods in UK are fruits, potatoes, cereals, milk products and vegetables (George 205-206). When it comes to the word ‘Organic’, the very first impression one gets is of a product which is free of chemicals, it is mostly attributed to vegetables and fruits and not with any non vegetarian food. However, animals those are raised in an organic environment, taken complete care with natural substances and without any pesticides involvement are highly preferred by consumers. They are fed with natural diet and they are free from genetically modified organism, when they are sick they are treated with drugs and not with antibiotics. These animals are never given hormones ("Soil association"). Presently there are very few restaurants in London; engaged in serving organic food. This report will highlight the possibilities of its successful venture. It is quite evident through research reports provided by the soil association, UK’; that organic

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