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Character Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 7

Character Analysis - Essay Example The character of juror number 8 can be recognized as a person who is very creative. The name of Juror # 8 is Fonda and he belongs to the field of architecture. The profession he is working in is alone enough to categorize his as a creative individual. This is because in the field of architecture an individual is responsible for designing structures that are physical in nature. Architects are individuals involved in the area of creating buildings and designing homes and they have to be creative in their work in order to create new and improved designs (Puccio 346). Another reasons due to which he can be referred to as a creative individual is that he has tremendous amount of experience in his field. Within the movie he can be witnessed performing various acts that reiterate the fact the he is quite a creative individual. For example while solving the mystery of whether the boy killed his father or not, he develops a blue print of the room in which the father was living. Furthermore, h e even tries to defend the boy my measuring the area that the father had travelled to open the door of his room. Fonda is a person who can be referred to as an individual who prefers making decisions in an ethical manner. There are various theories that help in identifying whether a person and his actions are ethical or unethical. One such theory is the ethical decision making theory of utilitarianism. The theory argues that individuals and their decisions and action can be categorized as ethical if he makes decision while ensuring the his decisions lead to the benefit of the entire society and not just a few members of the society (Puccio 24). If his actions and decisions are considered under the light of utilitarianism, he can be considered as an ethical person. This is because unlike other individuals, he ignored his own self-interest and gave precedence to the interest of the young boy. Due to his action of questioning the

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