Monday, June 10, 2019

Nursing Implication for Teenage Pregnancy Essay

Nursing Implication for Teenage Pregnancy - Essay ExampleThe paper Nursing Implication for Teenage Pregnancy talks about the problem of teenage pregnancy in the US which is having the highest incidence of teen pregnancy though the rate is declining everywhere. Probably ongoing sex rearing and change accessibility to condoms have helped to get it down. Young p arnts and kids usually have a severe impact on their lives sacrificing education, cargoner, and most importantly health. This essay gives detail knowledge regarding statistical facts of teen pregnancy state wise information along with the implication of nursing. A teen can also have a good pregnancy if she is able to detect pregnancy on time and receive pre and post natal care promptly. The importance of prenatal and postnatal care education is understood in the essay as in teen pregnancy cases chances of getting preterm labor with low birth weight babies are higher. Young mothers are provided with genuine support by health care system along with parenting classes and counseling.Parenting is a tough task for every individual and it is indeed very difficult if the parents are teenagers. Teenage pregnancy has become a major issue of concern for almost all the western countries. Incidences of teen pregnancy are rising in the US too and teens are battling to establish child-friendly situations in their lives. Teens are not the only sufferer but their children also face frequent health problems in future. These pregnancies are usually unplanned and are not pleasant phenomena to the society.

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