Tuesday, June 18, 2019

CLUB IT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

CLUB IT - Essay Exampleys mission will be not only to cook a community of muslc lovers by hosting community events, promoting diverse local talent and building and online community and presence.The success of this refreshful mission depends primarily on two related but distinct competitive business strategies Innovation and differentiation. Rubys will differentiate itself from its competition through its focus on three specific musical genres, community building, and live, local music. To do this, it will utilize innovative IT strategies that set it apart before clients even set foot in the club. The new wit at Rubys will also reflect this focus , with an emphasis on soul food and Latin dishes, man sticking to a limited, finger-food based selection. The drink menu will be updated with Latin drinks such as mojitos and sangria, while also introducing six popular microbrews and a selection of red and white wine popular with our target clientele demographic.Internet A major upgrade to the business website is the centerpiece of Rubys new competitive scheme. First, the owners have designed a new logo for the new business name, and set up a template for a new website.Look A video tour and still photos of the newly renovated interior of the club focuses on the dramatic new details and space, however because of our new strategy of emphasizing localness, dancing and community, two the video and still photos of the interior include smiling, happy patrons sipping our distinctive Latin cocktails, wine or foaming microbrews. The new clickable menu includes images of tapas-style appetizers emphasizing Latin and soul themes.Features and Functions New features and functions of the website emphasize community and local music even before clients enter the venue. First, a detailed calendar includes both live performances and community events with external links to performers websites and those of community organizations and business who will host their vents at Rubys.

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