Saturday, June 22, 2019

Becoming a teacher of English in Thailand Essay

Becoming a teacher of English in Thailand - Essay illustrationEven the globalization has filed to make any huge impact on Thai peoples attitude towards English. English is not recognized as a status symbol in Thailand and hence it is not a compulsory subject in Thai schools.This article also provides a investigate study about the lives and careers of the Thai teachers of English. The research has been conducted through interview methods and the researchers interviewed seven Thai English teacher for around 3.5 hours to collect data. The research has shown that the experience of culture has an immensely powerful effect on children, for better or worse, and that often these effects last well into later life. The research also revealed that positive experiences not only make schooling enjoyable in its own right but coffin nail often plant the seeds which lead children at school to knock over teaching as a career in later life. Active teaching styles of the Thai English teachers also influenced the interviewees to opt for selecting teaching English as their career. Social, cultural and family reasons also forced these teachers to select their teaching career. (Hayes, n.d)Teaching is a stable profession with job security in a world where the changing trends in business has resulted in many people losing their jobs. The current economic crisis has affected millions of peoples around the world and many people are living in anxiety or fear of losing their jobs. But teaching is found to be one profession which is not affected by the current crisis. Nobody can underestimate the value of teaching even in a crisis scenario and hence teaching is supposed to be one of the most reputed professions in the world. As government servants, teachers had considerable job security and other benefits, which were emphasized nursing or teaching, seemed to be the choices for those who wished to continue their education close to home (Maum, 2002)Many non-native-English-speaking teac hers (NNESTs),

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