Monday, May 20, 2019

Premarital Sex Essay

Premaritalsexissomethingwhichalmosteveryoneknowsabout. Someproudlyproclaims that they read in go others do itsecretly. However, there atomic number 18still some who do it but are unaware of such term. Different multitude view it differently for some its acceptablewhileforsomeitsabigsin. Atpresent,thereisnincreasingamountofdiscussions in newspaper and magazines in which various things attributed to premarital sex are discussed. It is said that thePhilippines is facing this persistent contest about premarital intercourse.Since sex is involved, this is certain to produce a number of strong reactions. Nevertheless, it is important to be careful in making such reactions. Sex is an intimate act between individuals which includes genital partake ( Baumerand South, 2001). Accordingly, it was designed for married couples to enjoy, hence the famous quote True love waits until marriage. The norms of Philippine society introduce that it is not normal or it is immoral to engage in premarit al sex, but despite this, people just seatnot wait until they get wedded.This accounts for the prevalence of premarital sex in the country. At present, one can say that its normal to know people who had sex already. But whats alarming is the fast growth of the number of people who had sex before marriage . Different researches show the rise of this number. In the last century, only a few, if not zero, gave themselves to premarital sex. This information if equalityd to present data would give an consumingdifference. Statisticsin 2008showed thatpremarital sexwas prevalent in30% ofthe Filipinos.This figured isactually smallwhen compared towestern countries. In the USA, 75% of the women would say that they already experienced premarital sex when theyreachedtheageofnineteen. However,itwouldnotseemrighttocomparealess developed country like the Philippines to far way more urbanized and wide countries in the west. The figure 30% is, in fact, a very high number, taking to account the rec ord of Filipinos. Nevertheless, these data only show that attitudes towards sex have changed dramatically overthe past years

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